Chapter 12.10


12.10.010    Authority to adopt interim roads and bridges code.

12.10.015    Engineering Development Manual.

12.10.020    Adoption of administrative rules.

12.10.030    Adoption of certain other laws.

12.10.040    Reference to hearing bodies.

12.10.050    Bridge load limits.

12.10.010 Authority to adopt interim roads and bridges code.

Pursuant to RCW 35.21.180, 35A.11.020, and 35A.21.160, the city adopts by reference Title 14, Roads and bridges, of the King County Code (Exhibit A, attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter), as presently constituted, as the interim roads and bridges code. Exhibit A is hereby incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein. [Ord. 89 § 1, 1996; Ord. 16 § 1, 1995]

12.10.015 Engineering Development Manual.

The director of public works, or designee, shall prepare, administer, interpret, and amend as necessary an Engineering Development Manual (EDM). The EDM shall establish guidelines, standards, and specifications for the engineering and construction of all streets and utilities established and/or improved within the city. [Ord. 732 § 1, 2015]

12.10.020 Adoption of administrative rules.

There are further hereby adopted by reference any and all implementing administrative rules and enforcement remedies now in effect regarding Title 14, Roads and bridges, that have been adopted either pursuant to King County Code Chapter 2.98, Rules of county agencies, Title 23, Enforcement, or elsewhere in the King County Code except that, unless the context requires otherwise, any reference to the “county” or to “King County” shall refer to the city of Shoreline and any reference to county staff shall refer to the city manager or designee. [Ord. 16 § 2, 1995]

12.10.030 Adoption of certain other laws.

To the extent that any provision of the King County Code, or any other law, rule, regulation, referenced in the roads and bridges code, is necessary or convenient to establish the validity, enforceability or interpretation of the roads and bridges code, then such provision of the King County Code, or other law, rule or regulation, is hereby adopted by reference. [Ord. 16 § 3, 1995]

12.10.040 Reference to hearing bodies.

To the extent that the roads and bridges code refers to planning commissions, board of appeals, hearing examiner, or any other similar body, the city council shall serve in all such roles, but retains the right to establish any one or more of such bodies, at any time and without regard to whether any quasi-judicial or other matter is then pending. [Ord. 16 § 4, 1995]

12.10.050 Bridge load limits.

A. Pursuant to RCW 46.61.450, as amended, the use by vehicular traffic of the following roads and/or bridges shall be restricted and gross vehicle weights and sizes shall not exceed the following limits:

1. 10th Avenue NW Bridge 167C. No person shall operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles and trailers exceeding 22 tons for four-axle vehicles, 24 tons for five-axle vehicles, 25 tons for six-axle vehicles and 28 tons for seven-axle vehicles.

B. The city engineer shall install and maintain, for each bridge, signs stating the maximum gross weight and size. [Ord. 732 § 2, 2015]