Division I.
Unified Development Code

Chapter 20.10
General Provisions


20.10.010    Title.

20.10.020    Purpose.

20.10.030    Authority.

20.10.040    Scope.

20.10.050    Roles and responsibilities.

20.10.060    Interpretation of terms.

20.10.010 Title.

This title shall be known as the Unified Development Code for the City of Shoreline, Washington, hereafter referred to as the Code. (Ord. 238 Ch. I § 1, 2000).

20.10.020 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this Code to:

Promote the public health, safety, and general welfare;

Guide the development of the City consistent with the Comprehensive Plan;

Carry out the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan by the provisions specified in the Code;

Provide regulations and standards that lessen congestion on the streets;

Encourage high standards of development;

Prevent the overcrowding of land;

Provide adequate light and air;

Provide for planned areas of transit-oriented communities around light rail stations and along other high-capacity transit corridors;

Facilitate adequate provisions for transportation, utilities, schools, parks, and other public needs;

Encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between humankind and the environment;

Promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere;

Protect the functions and values of ecological systems and natural resources important to the public; and

Encourage attractive, quality construction to enhance City beautification. (Ord. 706 § 1 (Exh. A), 2015; Ord. 324 § 1, 2003; Ord. 238 Ch. I § 2, 2000).

20.10.030 Authority.

The Code is a principal document for implementing the goals and policies of the City of Shoreline Comprehensive Plan, pursuant to the mandated provisions of the Growth Management Act of 1990, Subdivision Act, State Environmental Policy Act, and other applicable State and local requirements.

If the provisions of this Code conflict with any provision of Chapter 58.17 RCW, the RCW shall prevail. (Ord. 238 Ch. I § 3, 2000).

20.10.040 Scope.

A.    Hereafter, no development shall occur except in compliance with the provisions of this Code and then only after securing all required permits and licenses.

B.    Any building, structure, or use lawfully existing at the time of passage of this title, although not in compliance therewith, may be maintained as provided in Chapter 20.30 SMC, Subchapter 5, Nonconforming Uses and Structures.

C.    Nonproject development and land use actions, including but not limited to rezones, annexations, and the adoption of plans and programs, shall comply with the provisions of this Code. (Ord. 324 § 1, 2003; Ord. 238 Ch. I § 4, 2000).

20.10.050 Roles and responsibilities.

The elected officials, appointed commissions, Hearing Examiner, and City staff share the roles and responsibilities for carrying out the provisions of the Code.

The City Council is responsible for establishing policy and legislation affecting land use within the City. The City Council acts on recommendations of the Planning Commission or Hearing Examiner in legislative and quasi-judicial matters.

The Planning Commission is the designated planning agency for the City as specified by State law. The Planning Commission is responsible for a variety of discretionary recommendations to the City Council on land use legislation and Comprehensive Plan amendments. The Planning Commission duties and responsibilities are specified in the bylaws duly adopted by the Planning Commission.

The Hearing Examiner is responsible for quasi-judicial decisions designated by this title and the review of administrative appeals.

The Director shall have the authority to administer the provisions of this Code, to make determinations with regard to the applicability of the regulations, to interpret unclear provisions, to require additional information to determine the level of detail and appropriate methodologies for required analysis, to prepare application and informational materials as required, to promulgate procedures and rules for unique circumstances not anticipated within the standards and procedures contained within this Code, and to enforce requirements.

The rules and procedures for proceedings before the Hearing Examiner, Planning Commission, and City Council are adopted by resolution and available from the City Clerk’s office and the Department. (Ord. 695 § 1 (Exh. A), 2014; Ord. 324 § 1, 2003; Ord. 238 Ch. I § 5, 2000).

20.10.060 Interpretation of terms.

For the purposes of this title, unless it is plainly evident from the context that a different meaning is intended, certain words and terms are herein defined as follows:

“Shall” is always mandatory, while “should” is not mandatory, and “may” is permissive.

The present tense includes future, the singular includes the plural, and the plural includes the singular.

“And” indicates that all connected items or provisions shall apply.

“Or” indicates that the connected items or provisions may apply singularly or in any combination.

“Either/or” indicates that the connected items or provisions shall apply singularly but not in combination.

Where terms are not specifically defined, they shall have their ordinary accepted meanings within the context with which they are used. Webster’s International Dictionary of the English Language shall be considered in determining ordinarily accepted meanings. (Ord. 238 Ch. I § 6, 2000).