Chapter 1.08


1.08.010    Drafting new ordinances— Procedures.

1.08.020    Numbering system.

1.08.030    Code shall be kept current.

1.08.010 Drafting new ordinances— Procedure.

The following steps shall be taken by all County officials and other persons in drafting new ordinances or revisions to old ordinances:

(1)    Before drafting the ordinances, determine whether the same or similar provisions are presently in the Code.

(2)    Compare any similar code provision with those considered for the new ordinance and determine whether the present code provision is sufficient, needs to be amended or is to be repealed.

(3)    If the existing code section need only to be amended, the ordinance should simply expressly amend the Code sections as follows:

“Section 5.10.030 is hereby amended to read as follows:”

Chapters and titles may be amended in a similar manner.

(4)    If the prior code provision is to be totally replaced by the new ordinance, the new ordinance should specifically repeal the prior code section by stating:

“Section 5.10.030 is hereby repealed.”

Chapters and titles may be repealed in a similar manner.

(5)    Consult with the Prosecuting Attorney regarding the Title and Chapter to be assigned to the particular subject matter of the proposed ordinance.

1.08.020 Numbering system.

The system of numbering employed in the R.C.W. is hereby adopted as the general system to be followed in designating sections of this Code. This first series of digits being the title reference, the second series being the chapter numbers, and the third series of digits being the section numbers.

Each section shall be followed by a legislative history in parentheses. Footnotes referencing applicable state statutes may appear within the Code. The index shall be keyed to the section numbers of the Code.

1.08.030 Code shall be kept current.

The Code shall be kept current by regular supplements issued by the Prosecuting Attorney. In order to expedite this process, a copy of all ordinances and resolutions passed by the Board of County Commissioners shall be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney.