Chapter 1.28


1.28.010    Publication and distribution.

1.28.015    Administrative rules.

1.28.020    Content.

1.28.030    Cost.

1.28.040    Interlocal agreements.

1.28.010 Publication and distribution.

The Skagit County Auditor is authorized to publish and distribute a local voters’ pamphlet in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 29A.32 RCW. (Ord. O20090005 § 1)

1.28.015 Administrative rules.

The Skagit County Auditor, in consultation with participating jurisdictions, shall adopt and publish the administrative rules necessary to facilitate the provisions of this Chapter and Chapter 29A.32 RCW. (Ord. O20090005 § 2)

1.28.020 Content.

The voters’ pamphlet shall conform to the contents requirements set forth in Chapter 29A.32 RCW. As applicable, it shall contain both statements for and against measures run by participating jurisdictions, and candidates’ statements by candidates for office in participating jurisdictions. (Ord. O20090005 § 3)

1.28.030 Cost.

The cost of a local voters’ pamphlet shall be considered an election cost to those local jurisdictions included in the pamphlet and shall be prorated in the manner provided in RCW 29A.04.410. (Ord. O20090005 § 4)

1.28.040 Interlocal agreements.

The Skagit County Auditor may enter into interlocal agreements as necessary to publish and distribute a local voters’ pamphlet as authorized by this Chapter. (Ord. O20090005 § 5)