Chapter 3.32


3.32.010    Indigent defense administrative fee.

3.32.020    Collection.

3.32.030    Inability to pay.

3.32.010 Indigent defense administrative fee.

A defendant requesting counsel at public expense shall pay an administrative fee of ten dollars ($10.00) as reimbursement to Skagit County for the administrative costs and expenses incurred in the processing of the application. Administrative fees are not refundable, even if the defendant is determined to be ineligible for counsel at public expense. Those applicants who are unable to pay the administrative fee shall sign a note to pay the fee at a later date. Those qualifying for indigent defense and who are asked to sign promissory notes to assist in the payment for their defense shall receive a credit against their promissory note for any administrative fee paid during application. (Ord 15313 (part), 1994)

3.32.020 Collection.

Administrative fees are payable at the time the request for public counsel is made to the Office of Assigned Counsel. Administrative fees shall be collected by the Office of Assigned Counsel, and fees collected shall be remitted to the County Treasurer for deposit in a separate account to be used solely for the operation of the Office of Assigned Counsel. (Ord. 15313 (part), 1994)

3.32.030 Inability to pay.

No applicant who is determined to be indigent will be denied indigent defense if such applicant cannot pay the administrative fee. (Ord. 15313 (part), 1994)