Chapter 3.40


3.40.010    Domestic filing surcharge.

3.40.020    Collection of surcharge.

3.40.030    Courthouse Facilitator Program.

3.40.010 Domestic filing surcharge.

A surcharge in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) is hereby imposed upon the filing fee for all Skagit County Superior Court cases filed under RCW Title 26, as established by RCW 26.12.240. (Ord. 15417 (part), 1994)

3.40.020 Collection of surcharge.

Domestic filing surcharges are payable at the time of filing, and shall be collected by the Clerk of the Skagit County Superior Court. All surcharges collected shall be remitted to the Skagit County Treasurer for deposit in a separate account to be used solely for the purpose of funding a Courthouse Facilitator Program in Skagit County. (Ord. 15417 (part), 1994)

3.40.030 Courthouse Facilitator Program.

A Courthouse Facilitator Program is hereby established in Skagit County for the purpose of assisting unrepresented litigants accessing the Skagit County Superior Court in domestic relations cases or other filings under the provisions of RCW Title 26. (Ord. 15417 (part), 1994)