Chapter 6.28


6.28.010    Skagit County Air Pollution Control District—Purpose— Formation.

6.28.020    Participating jurisdiction.

6.28.030    District name—Location— Principal office—Transaction of business.

6.28.040    Skagit County Air Pollution Control District—Merger.

6.28.010 Skagit County Air Pollution Control District—Purpose—Formation.

The effective management of air resources is essential to the Public Health, Safety, and General Welfare of the public and the maximum employment and economic development of Skagit County.

A program of air resources management shall be initiated and shall begin with the formation of an Air Pollution Control District in accordance with the provisions of R.C.W. 70.94 and amendments thereto, such district being necessary for effective, efficient and equitable air pollution control. (Res. 4226, 1966; 34 CJ 436)

6.28.020 Participating jurisdiction.

The Air Pollution Control District shall include, but not be limited to Skagit County, the cities and towns of Anacortes, Burlington, Concrete, Hamilton, LaConner, Lyman, Mount Vernon, and Sedro Woolley. (Res. 4226, 1966; 34 CJ 436)

6.28.030 District name—Location—Principal office—Transaction of business.

The name of said district shall be the “Skagit County Air Pollution Control District.” The geographic area of the district shall include the unincorporated area of Skagit County and the incorporated area of the participating cities or towns, to the end that all of the area within Skagit County shall be a part of the participating jurisdiction of the district. The principal office and place of business of the district shall be Mount Vernon, Skagit County, Washington, or at such other place as the Board of Directors of the district may from time to time agree upon by majority vote. The District shall begin to transact business and establish programs and exercise its powers on or after October 18, 1966. It shall continue in active operation for such period of time and to such time as the Board of Directors of the District may find necessary to conduct research and studies and/or effectuate controls with respect to air pollution. (Res. 4226, 1966; 34 CJ 536)

6.28.040 Skagit County Air Pollution Control District—Merger*.

The Skagit County Air Pollution Control District shall merge with the contiguous air pollution authorities in Whatcom, San Juan and Island County to form a multi-county air pollution authority to be known as the North Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Authority. The principal place of business shall be designated by the Board of Directors of said Authority and said Authority shall exercise all the powers, rights, and duties pursuant to Chapter 238, Laws of Washington, 1967 (Regular Session). (Res. 4482, 1967; 34 CJ)

*    Pursuant to Chapter 238, Laws of the State of Washington, 1967 (Regular Session).