Chapter 12.01


12.01.005    Purpose.

12.01.010    Definitions.

12.01.020    Composition of Board of Health.

12.01.005 Purpose.

The provisions of this Chapter shall be in force within the jurisdiction of the Skagit County Board of Health as provided in RCW 70.05.030. These rules and regulations are established by the Skagit County Board of Health pursuant to its authority under RCW 70.05.060 permitting local boards of health to enact local rules and regulations as are necessary in order to preserve, promote and improve the public health and provide for the enforcement thereof. (Ord. O20190008 (Exh. A))

12.01.010 Definitions.

(1) “Board of Health” shall mean the five-member Board of Health of Skagit County authorized by RCW 70.05.030.

(2) “Public Health” or “Department” shall mean the Skagit County Public Health Department.

(3) “Health Officer” shall mean the Skagit County Health Officer or authorized representative.

(4) “Person” shall mean an individual, firm, corporation, or association. (Ord. O20190008 (Exh. A))

12.01.020 Composition of Board of Health.

(1) The Board shall have five members consisting of each of the three members of the Skagit County Board of Commissioners and two at-large members selected by the Board of Commissioners following application and review of qualifications.

(2) No at-large member shall serve as an elected official or be employed by Skagit County during his or her tenure on the Board of Health. An at-large member should:

(a) Have at least 10 years of clinical, medical or public health experience; or

(b) Have at least two years’ experience as a current or former member of the Population Health Trust; and

(c) Have knowledge of public health practices from work in public health or the healthcare delivery system.

(3) There shall be no compensation or reimbursement of expenses for Board members other than that specifically adopted for the Board of Health by the Skagit County Board of Commissioners.

(4) The term of office for each County Commissioner member shall be concurrent with that member’s term of office as a County Commissioner. The term of office for at-large members shall be for three years.

(5) The Board shall publish a schedule of meetings to be held in the Skagit County Commissioners’ Hearing Room or at other times and places as determined by the Board.

(6) At the first meeting each year, the Board shall select one of its members to be the chair to serve for one year. A quorum shall be a majority of the members then serving on the Board, at least two of whom must also be members of the Board of County Commissioners. (Ord. O20190008 (Exh. A))