Chapter 12.28


12.28.010    Definitions.

12.28.020    Permit—Required—Fee.

12.28.030    Jurisdiction.

12.28.040    Location for site.

12.28.050    Supervision.

12.28.060    Water supply.

12.28.070    Toilet and handwashing facilities.

12.28.080    Showers and laundry facilities in residents camps.

12.28.090    Sewage and liquid waste disposal.

12.28.100    Sleeping and living quarters.

12.28.110    Food service.

12.28.130    Swimming pools, bathing beaches and wading pools.

12.28.140    General.

12.28.150    Suspension—Revocation of permit.

12.28.160    Enforcement.

12.28.170    Penalties.

12.28.175    Hearings and appeals.

12.28.180    Severability.

12.28.010 Definitions.

“Camp” means an established group camp which is established or maintained for recreation, education, vacation, or religious purposes for use by organized groups where activities are conducted on a closely supervised basis and day-to-day living facilities, including food and lodging, are provided either free of charge or by payment of a fee.

“Camp Director” means the person in charge of the camp program.

“Health Officer” means the Skagit County Health Officer or authorized representative.

“Owner” means any person or persons, organizations, association, corporation, or agency of Federal, State, County or municipal government, operating, maintaining or offering for use within the State of Washington any camp either free of charge or by payment of a fee.

“Permit” means a written permit issued by the Health Officer which designates a camp has met the requirements of this Chapter. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.020 Permit—Required—Fee.

(1) No person shall operate a camp in Skagit County who does not possess a valid permit issued by the Skagit County Health Officer.

(2) The permit fee for each camp shall be as established in the most recent Skagit County Public Health Schedule of Charges.

(3) A permit is valid for one (1) year and is nontransferable. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.030 Jurisdiction.

This Chapter shall apply to all areas within the County of Skagit, including the limits of incorporated cities and towns. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.040 Location for site.

(1) Camps shall be constructed and located in accordance with a special use permit issued by the Skagit County Office of Planning and Community Development and shall be maintained in a manner not to create a public health hazard or nuisance.

(2) Where corrals or stables exist, or where large animals are maintained in connection with any camp, the quarters for any animals shall be located so as not to create a nuisance or health hazard. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.050 Supervision.

(1) The Camp Director, or a responsible person reporting to him, shall ensure frequent inspections of the premises are made for the purpose of maintaining proper sanitation and compliance with this Chapter.

(2) The Camp Director shall maintain all sanitary facilities and equipment of the camp in good repair in accordance with all pertinent health regulations.

(3) Where bedding is furnished it shall be kept clean and aired at least once a week. Where sheets and pillow cases are furnished they shall be freshly laundered for each new user.

(a) Mattress covers completely covering the mattress shall be provided and shall be freshly laundered for each new user. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.060 Water supply.

(1) Camps shall have a water supply and distribution system that meets Chapter 246-290 or 246-291 WAC.

(2) Water under pressure is required except upon special permission of the Health Officer.

(3) Unapproved sources of water supply should be conspicuously posted as unfit for drinking. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.070 Toilet and handwashing facilities.

(1) There shall be a minimum of one (1) toilet and lavatory for each sex for every ten (10) campers. Urinals may be substituted for one-third (1/3) of the toilets for males.

(2) Toilet paper shall be provided in each water closet compartment or privy.

(3) All toilet rooms and privies shall be constructed of material permitting satisfactory cleaning and shall be well lighted and ventilated. All toilet fixtures shall be of easily cleanable, impervious material and in good repair.

(4) Toilet room floors shall be constructed of concrete or other water impervious material pitched to provide adequate drainage to a suitably located trapped floor drain; except that urinal stalls may be used in lieu of floor drains. If partitions are provided between flush bowls they shall be raised twelve (12) inches from the floor and shall be so constructed as to be easily cleanable.

(5) Where users do not provide their own individual towel and soap, single-service paper or cloth towels and soap shall be provided at all lavatories. The use of common towels is prohibited. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.080 Showers and laundry facilities in residents camps.

(1) Adequate and conveniently located bathing facilities including hot and cold or tempered water shall be provided. Separate shower rooms shall be provided for each sex in the ratio of one (1) shower head or tub for each fifteen (15) users based upon the maximum demand at any one (1) period.

(2) One (1) laundry tray or wash tub should be provided for each forty (40) persons or major fraction thereof.

(3) The floors of shower rooms shall be:

(a) Constructed of easily cleanable, water impervious material; and

(b) Graded to drain to a suitable trapped floor drain; and

(c) Free from cracks or uneven surfaces that interfere with proper cleaning; and

(d) Well lighted and ventilated. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.090 Sewage and liquid waste disposal.

(1) Camps must be connected to a municipal wastewater treatment system, or comply with Chapter 246-272A WAC, On-Site Sewage Systems, or Chapter 246-272B WAC, Large On-Site Sewage Systems.

(2) All plumbing shall comply with applicable codes. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.100 Sleeping and living quarters.

(1) All sleeping and living quarters shall be:

(a) Ventilated to be maintained free from objectionable odors; and

(b) Provided with adequate natural and artificial light; and

(c) Floors, walls, and ceilings shall be of easily cleanable construction; and

(d) Maintained in a clean, sanitary condition.

(2) The floors of all buildings which are not built on solid concrete or rat-proof foundations shall be raised at least twelve (12) inches above the ground and the space underneath the floor kept free from trash, rubbish, or other material attractive to insects or rodents.

(3) No room used for sleeping purposes shall have less than four hundred (400) cubic feet of air space for each occupant.

(4) All cabin or dormitory type sleeping rooms shall contain a minimum floor space of forty (40) square feet per person. Ventilation shall be provided to all bedrooms or dormitories equivalent to an outside opening of two and one-half (2-1/2) square feet per person. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.110 Food service.

Food service shall meet all the requirements of Chapter 246-215 WAC, Food Service, and Chapter 246-217 WAC, Food Worker Cards. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.130 Swimming pools, bathing beaches and wading pools.

(1) Swimming pools, wading pools and spas shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 246-260 WAC, Water Recreation Facilities, and Chapter 246-262 WAC, Recreational Water Contact Facilities.

(2) Natural water bodies with swimming areas clearly marked shall not be operated when they are determined by the Health Officer to be polluted or subject to pollution constituting a potential health hazard.

(3) Where bathhouse and toilet facilities are provided for use of bathers they shall be constructed, maintained and operated in a sanitary manner approved by the Health Officer. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.140 General.

Where no provision is made in this Chapter to clearly apply to any condition or thing found to exist which may be a health hazard in a camp, the Health Officer may direct the owner as to the best means to secure proper sanitary conditions. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.150 Suspension—Revocation of permit.

(1) Permits may be suspended or revoked by the Health Officer in the event that:

(a) A public health emergency exists; or

(b) Noncompliance with this Chapter. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.160 Enforcement.

It shall be the duty of the Health Officer to enforce the provisions of this Chapter. In the performance of this duty the Health Officer or his duly authorized representative is hereby authorized to enter, at any reasonable hour, any premises as may be necessary to assure compliance of this Chapter. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.170 Penalties.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this Chapter shall be deemed guilty of a civil violation and subject to a civil penalty as listed in the latest Skagit County Public Health Schedule of Charges. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to exempt an offender from any other suit, prosecution or penalty provided by law. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.175 Hearings and appeals.

(1) Request for Reconsideration. Persons aggrieved by a notice of violation, order, fine or assessed costs issued by the Health Officer pursuant to this Chapter may request a hearing for reconsideration with the Health Officer for the purpose of disputing or requesting a stay or modification of such notice, order, fine or assessed costs.

(a) A request for a reconsideration hearing shall be made in writing and served to the Health Officer within fourteen (14) calendar days of the serving of the notice, order, fine or assessed costs. The request shall be made by fully completing and submitting a request for hearing form supplied by SCPHD.

(b) The Health Officer shall hold a hearing not less than thirty (30) days from receipt of the request for a reconsideration hearing unless mutually agreed upon in writing by the Health Officer and person requesting the appeal.

(c) Upon holding the hearing requested, the Health Officer shall provide written decision either modifying, reversing, or sustaining the order, fine or assessed costs within five (5) working days of the hearing.

(2) Appeal of Health Officer Reconsideration to Board of Health. The aggrieved party may make a written request to appeal the Health Officer’s decision of reconsideration to the Board of Health within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date the decision is issued.

(a) The request for appeal must be made in writing and served to the Skagit County Health Department with a copy to the Skagit County Board of Health within fourteen (14) calendar days.

(b) A fee in the amount listed in the most current Skagit County Health Department Schedule of Charges is due and payable to the Skagit County Health Department when an appeal of the Health Officer’s reconsideration decision is made to the BOH.

(c) The BOH will hear the request for appeal within sixty (60) days of receipt of the application to appeal the Health Officer’s decision. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part))

12.28.180 Severability.

If any section or provision of this Chapter shall be adjudged to be invalid or unconstitutional such adjudication shall not affect the validity of this Chapter as a whole, or any section, provision or part thereof not adjudged invalid or unconstitutional. (Ord. O20110012 Att. B (part): Board of Health Regulations, January 9, 1968)