The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Washington counties. They are current through all 2013 legislation.

General Provisions

Classification of counties

Chapter 36.13 RCW


Chapters 36.04 and 36.05 RCW

Removal of county seats

Chapter 36.12 RCW

Legislative powers

RCW 36.32.120

Penalties for ordinance violations

RCW 36.32.120(7)

Joint governmental activities

Chapter 36.64 RCW

Administration and Personnel

County organization

Wash. Const. Art. XI

County commissioners

Chapter 36.32 RCW

County officers generally

Chapter 36.16 RCW

Campaign finances and disclosure

Chapter 42.17A RCW

Meetings of legislative body

RCW 36.32.080 and 36.32.090

Open Public Meeting Act of 1971

Chapter 42.30 RCW

Local government whistleblower protection

Chapter 42.41 RCW

Code of ethics for officers

Chapter 42.23 RCW

County assessor

Chapter 36.21 RCW

County auditor

Chapter 36.22 RCW

County clerk

Chapter 36.23 RCW

County coroner

Chapter 36.24 RCW

Public defender

Chapter 36.26 RCW

Prosecuting attorney

Chapter 36.27 RCW

County sheriff

Chapter 36.28 RCW

County treasurer

Chapter 36.29 RCW

Boundary review boards

Chapter 36.93 RCW

Salaries of county officers

Chapter 36.17 RCW

Fees of county officers

Chapter 36.18 RCW

County property

Chapter 36.34 RCW

Coordination of administrative programs

Chapter 36.47 RCW

Legislative powers

RCW 36.32.120

County central services department

Chapter 36.92 RCW

Civil service for sheriff’s office

Chapter 41.14 RCW

Public employees’ retirement system

Chapter 41.40 RCW

Social security for public employees

Chapter 41.48 RCW

Revenue and Finance

County funds

Chapter 36.33 RCW

Equipment rental and revolving fund

Chapter 36.33A RCW


RCW 36.32.235 et seq.

Tax title lands

Chapter 36.35 RCW

Admissions tax

Chapter 36.38 RCW

Public assistance and relief

Chapter 36.39 RCW and RCW Title 74


Chapter 36.40 RCW

Retail sales and use taxes

Chapter 82.14 RCW

Claims against counties

Chapter 36.45 RCW


Chapter 36.48 RCW

Limitation of indebtedness

Chapter 36.67 RCW

Public contracts and indebtedness

RCW Title 39


Chapter 39.56 RCW

Property taxes

RCW Title 84

Business Licenses and Regulations

Liquor regulation and enforcement

RCW 66.08.120 and 66.44.010


Chapters 9.46 and 9.47 RCW

Massage practitioners

RCW 36.32.122

Peddlers and hawkers

Chapter 36.71 RCW



Chapters 36.49, 16.08 and 16.10 RCW

Health and Safety

Solid waste disposal

Chapter 36.58 RCW

Solid waste collection districts

Chapter 36.58A RCW


Chapter 36.62 RCW

Emergency medical services

RCW 36.01.095

Cemeteries and morgues

RCW Title 68


Chapter 70.77 RCW

Flood control

Chapter 86.12 RCW


RCW 36.32.120(10)

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Crimes and punishments

RCW Title 9

Washington Criminal Code

RCW Title 9A

Probation and parole services

RCW 36.01.070

Drunkenness and alcoholism

RCW 70.96A.190


Chapter 49.60 RCW

Juvenile curfew

RCW 36.32.425

Injunctions—Obscene materials

Chapter 7.42 RCW

Vehicles and Traffic

Motor vehicles

RCW Title 46

Model Traffic Ordinance

Chapter 46.90 RCW

Accident reports

Chapter 46.52 RCW

Drunk driving penalties

RCW 36.32.127

Roads, Bridges and Public Places

Roads and bridges

Chapters 36.75 through 36.87 RCW

Road improvement districts

Chapter 36.88 RCW

Parks, recreation, open spaces

Chapter 36.89 RCW

Parks and recreation facilities

Chapter 36.68 RCW

Park and recreation districts

Chapter 36.69 RCW

Public Services

Sewerage, water and drainage systems

Chapter 36.94 RCW

Solid waste disposal

Chapter 36.58 RCW

Ferries—County owned

Chapter 36.54 RCW

Television reception improvement districts

Chapter 36.95 RCW


Chapter 36.55 RCW

Public transportation

Chapters 36.57 and 36.57A RCW


Chapters 14.07 and 14.08 RCW

Buildings and Construction

State building code

Chapter 19.27 RCW

Energy-related building standards

Chapter 19.27A RCW

Adoption of building codes and fire regulations

Chapter 36.43 RCW

Electricians and electrical installations

Chapter 19.28 RCW

Electrical construction

Chapter 19.29 RCW

Development impact fees

RCW 82.02.050 et seq.


Boundaries and plats generally

RCW Title 58


Chapter 58.17 RCW

Short plats and subdivisions

RCW 58.17.060 and 58.17.065

Hearing examiner system for plat approval

RCW 58.17.330

Planning and Zoning

Planning Enabling Act

Chapter 36.70 RCW

Planning commissions

RCW 36.70.070 et seq.

Board of adjustment

RCW 36.70.200 et seq. and 36.70.810 et seq.

Comprehensive plans

RCW 36.70.320 et seq.

Growth management

Chapter 36.70A RCW

Judicial review of land use decisions

Chapter 36.70C RCW

Local project review

Chapter 36.70B RCW