Chapter 1.20


1.20.020    Prisoner labor.

1.20.030    County work program alternative to portion of fine or jail time.

1.20.020 Prisoner labor.

In accordance with RCW 36.28.100, the sheriff of Skamania County may cause persons under sentences of imprisonment in the county jail to work and perform work for the public, including in and on the public roads and public highways of the county. Such labor shall be performed on each working day during the sentence of any such prisoner, a full eight hours and no more to be considered a day’s work under this section. The labor contemplated under this section shall be under the direction of the board of county commissioners, or the proper road supervisor acting for the commissioners, except within the limits of any town in the county, when it shall be done under the direction of the authorities of such town. The sheriff of the county shall have immediate control of said prisoners, and be responsible for their safekeeping, as provided by law. (Res. 1997-77 (part); Res. dated 8/8/1917)

1.20.030 County work program alternative to portion of fine or jail time.

A. Any person convicted of a crime in Skamania County, who has as part or all of their sentence been committed to the county jail and/or ordered to pay a fine, may as an alternative to the payment of a portion of the fine or the serving of all or a portion of the jail time, opt to participate in a county work program at the county dump site or sites; provided, that credit towards fines shall be given to such person only towards that portion of the fine that would otherwise go to the county general fund; that no portion of a fine otherwise allocated to other units of government shall be so credited.

B. Any such person shall be given credit for his or her participation in such a work program at the state’s minimum hourly wage rate towards payment of a fine or any such person shall receive a full day’s credit for each day worked on the county work program towards reduction of jail time.

C. This program shall be entirely voluntary on the part of its participants (Ord. 1987-13 §§ 1, 2, 3)