Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Created.

2.32.020    Supervisor—Temporary supervisor.

2.32.040    Comprehensive data processing use plan.

2.32.050    Use of equipment.

2.32.010 Created.

There is created a county central services department, pursuant to RCW 36.92.030. (Res. 1976-32 § 1)

2.32.020 Supervisor—Temporary supervisor.

This shall be a separate department and shall have an administrative head which shall be appointed by the board of county commissioners. The administrative head of the department shall be hired to operate the equipment and only one such person is hereby authorized; the administrative head shall receive such salary as the board of county commissioners from time to time sets; provided, however, for the purpose of preparing a comprehensive data-processing use plan only, Jim Paeth is made the temporary supervisor of the county central services department, but without additional pay. His appointment will terminate upon the subsequent appointment of the operator supervisor. (Res. 1997-77 (part); Res. 1976-32 § 2)

2.32.040 Comprehensive data processing use plan.

The county central services department shall provide data services to all county departments as designated by the board of commissioners. (Res. 1997-77 (part): Res. 1976-32 § 4)

2.32.050 Use of equipment.

Any other county officer shall be allowed the use of automatic data processing (ADP), electronic accounting machines (EAM), electronic data processing (EDP), and central processing unit (CPU) equipment on an as-needed basis, as determined jointly by such department and the board of county commissioners, subject to the availability of funds. The central services department shall charge a prorata share of the actual costs of operation, maintenance and replacement costs to each county department using such equipment. (Res. 1997-77 (part); Res. 1976-32 (part))