Chapter 2.60


2.60.010    Purpose.

2.60.020    Policy.

2.60.030    Procedure.

2.60.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a uniform and controlled system of procurement for contracts, leases, or purchases involving more than two thousand five hundred dollars but not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars that will insure compliance with RCW 36.32.245 and RCW 36.32.253 and to dispense with any bidding process for purchases less than two thousand five hundred dollars.

The uniform process must comply with RCW 39.04.190, which requires the county to establish a vendor list. The county must publish in a newspaper at least twice a year a notice of the existence of the list and solicit names to add to this list. Additionally, the county must establish a procedure for securing telephone or written quotations, or both, from at least three different vendors whenever possible to assure a competitive price and to award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder. (Res. 1998-17 (part))

2.60.020 Policy.

It shall be the policy of Skamania County to dispense with all advertising and formal sealed bidding for purchases of less than two thousand five hundred dollars.

It shall further be the policy of Skamania County to allow all contracts, leases, and purchases between twenty-five hundred dollars and twenty-five thousand dollars to be procured by a uniform bid process to award contracts for materials, supplies, equipment, and services. The county reserves the right to use the formal bidding process when it deems it appropriate.

Nothing herein is intended to benefit any third parties and this policy should not be construed to create any rights for any third person or for any vendor. (Res. 1998-17 (part))

2.60.030 Procedure.

A. Vendor Lists.

1. At least twice a year, the county engineer or his/her designee shall publish in the Skamania County Pioneer notice of the county’s desire to create or supplement its vendor list. This notice shall be similar to the attached “Notice to vendors—Purchase contracts.” The county should also routinely contact various qualified persons or companies and request that they permit the county to add their name(s) to the list. Names may be added to the list at any time during the year.

2. The vendor list shall be compiled and maintained by the county engineer or his/her designee. At least twice a year the vendor list will be distributed to all county departments. County departments may obtain the most current vendor list from the county engineer at any time during the year. County departments may also request that additional names be added to the list at any time.

3. The vendor’s name will remain on the list for a period of twelve months, unless otherwise requested to be removed by the vendor. The vendor must notify the county whether or not they wish to remain on the list. It is the responsibility of the vendor to, from time to time, insure that its name is on the official county vendor’s list. The vendor list is a public record and will be available upon request.

B. Solicitation of Informal Bids.

1. The county department making the purchase shall develop a notice or invitation to bid that generally describes the required purchase of any materials, equipment, supplies or services. The notice shall also provide instructions on how an interested vendor may submit its proposal or bid (i.e. telephone facsimile or mail).

2. Whenever possible, the county department shall attempt to solicit bids from at least three eligible and qualified vendors from the vendor list by either written notice or telephone (including facsimile).

3. The county department shall not release any bid quotation information received from bidders to other bidders or the public prior to the contract award. Immediately after award is made, the bid quotations obtained shall be recorded, opened to public inspections and made available by telephone inquiry.

4. The county department shall award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder as defined in RCW 43.19.1911.

5. Each county department making purchases using this policy shall be responsible for maintaining records which demonstrates compliance with this policy. (Res. 1998-17 (part))

Appendix A

Notice to vendors—Purchase contracts


Statements of Interest/Qualifications for providing materials, equipment, supplies and services for Skamania County, Washington will be received by the Skamania County Department of Public Works, P.O. 790, Stevenson, Washington 98648.


Skamania County, in accordance with RCW 39.04.190, is announcing its intent to solicit names of vendors for the establishment and maintenance of a vendors list. The list will maintained to provide a uniform process to award contracts for the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, or services costing between two thousand five hundred dollars and twenty-five thousand dollars by any and all county departments in lieu of the requirements for formal sealed bidding.


Interested companies or individuals are requested to submit a brief proposal for providing requested services. The proposal should include the following information: (1) name, address, telephone number, and fax number of the company or individual; (2) name of the individual to be contacted by county staff; (3) a brief statement of the qualifications the company’s or individual’s interest in bidding on materials, equipment, supplies or services; (4) a detailed listing of the types of materials, equipment, supplies, or services which could be provided by the respondent.


(1) Skamania County will solicit bids from, whenever possible, at least three vendors on the vendor lists by written notice or telephone (including facsimile); (2) Skamania County will award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder; and (3) a contract awarded from the vendors list will not be advertised, but the bidding records will be open to the public following award of contract.


Skamania County may use the formal bidding process in lieu of the vendors list in the acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment and services; therefore, the generation and maintenance of a vendor list is solely for the benefit of Skamania County. The cost of submittals and any related expenses shall be entirely the responsibility of the respondent. The vendor list process is intended to protect the public bid process to ensure that citizens of Skamania County are receiving the best service for their money. (Res. 1998-17 (part))