Chapter 14.20


14.20.010    Scope.

14.20.020    Preapplication review required.

14.20.030    Procedures for preapplication review.

14.20.040    Staff meeting.

14.20.050    Costs incurred by the city.

14.20.060    Hourly rates for city staff processing of project permit applications.

14.20.070    Communication of requirements to applicant.

14.20.010 Scope.

This chapter applies to all annexation and land development proposals, including but not limited to proposals which will require building, grading, clearing, filling or other permits, short plat and subdivision approval, binding site improvement plan approval, mixed use approval, shoreline master development permits, and all business licenses involving the change of use of a building. Such proposals are collectively referred to in this chapter as “land development proposals,” which term is intended to be construed broadly and to include all permits or approvals of like nature which are required at or after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section; provided, applications relating to the construction, reconstruction or remodeling of a single-family residence shall be categorically exempt for this chapter, unless located in or adjacent to a sensitive area under Chapter 19.12 SMC, and the director may, in his or her discretion, exempt certain individual permit applications from the requirements of this chapter if the director finds that no other approvals or permits are required as a condition of issuance of the permit which is sought. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.020 Preapplication review required.

No application for a nonexempt land development proposal shall be accepted for filing by the city until the applicant has complied with the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.030 Procedures for preapplication review.

All proposals for land development subject to this chapter shall be directed initially to the director. Proponents are encouraged to commence the preapplication review process as soon as the proposal is sufficiently mature to enable the city to identify the permits and approvals which will or may be required for the proposal. The director shall make an initial determination as to whether the land development proposal may be exempted, and if so, may authorize the filing of an application without preapplication review. The director shall consult with department heads within a reasonable time, normally within one week of receipt, to determine what departmental review is required, shall distribute copies of the application to the department heads and shall schedule a staff meeting within a reasonable time, normally within 20 days, to receive the input of the department heads in order to identify the approvals, permits and other processes which will be required for the land development proposal. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.040 Staff meeting.

A. City staff, including the building official, planning director, director of public safety, city engineer, city attorney, all as deemed necessary by the director, shall attend staff meetings as scheduled by the director, adequately prepared to discuss the application to the land development proposal under consideration of codes, ordinances, regulations and policies administered by that department, including any recommendation for referral for plan review to the International Conference of Building Officials, if appropriate for a complex proposal. The director shall preside at such meeting and shall make a list of the approvals and permits required for the land development proposal as identified by the department heads. This process shall be completed to the extent possible at the staff meeting, but may be subject to the necessity of additional research and investigation before a final determination can be made.

B. Upon initiation of any preapplication review process for proposed construction within the city, and as a part of the preapplication review process, the director of public safety or his designee shall determine the fire flow requirement for the building or group of buildings for which any building permit may be sought, in accordance with the standards set forth in the Uniform Fire Code, as published by the Western Conference of Fire Chiefs and the International Conference of Building Officials.

C. Assurance of adequate fire flow as determined by the director of public safety or his designee shall be identified as a requirement for any project permit approval, and no building permit shall be issued until such fire flow as determined to be required is actually available to the building site. The provision of such additional water supply as shall be required to meet the fire flow requirements shall be at the sole expense of the owner or applicant. (Ord. 859 § 2, 2000; Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.050 Costs incurred by the city.

As part of the preapplication review, the director shall estimate the amount of all costs anticipated to be incurred by the city associated with processing the proposal, including engineering, inspection, legal and administrative costs, and staff time. The proponent shall initially deposit with the city at the time of filing any project permit application a sum as determined by the director to be equivalent to estimated city costs to process the land development proposal, from which city costs shall be deducted, and when such sum is exhausted, additional deposits in an amount equal to the estimated further city costs may be required as a condition of continued processing of the project permit application; provided, the city council may authorize the mayor to enter contracts for alternative payment arrangements for city processing costs for phased land development proposals or those for which processing is anticipated to exceed 120 days. This section is intended to supplement the fee schedules of any and all other city ordinances and resolutions to add thereto the obligation of the proponent to pay, in addition to scheduled fees, actual city costs incurred in processing the land development proposal. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.060 Hourly rates for city staff processing of project permit applications.

Hourly rates for city staff time for processing project permit applications shall be as from time to time set by resolution by the city council. Outside contracted consultants, if any, shall be charged at the rates charged to the city. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).

14.20.070 Communication of requirements to applicant.

The director, or his or her designee, shall prepare a letter to the applicant stating the determinations made in the preapplication review process and informing the applicant of the initial deposit required. A copy such letter shall be provided to all department heads. (Ord. 768 § 2, 1996).