Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Created – Separate budget and vouchers.

2.40.020    City park – Established.

2.40.030    City park – Land designated.

2.40.010 Created – Separate budget and vouchers.

A separate department known as the city park department shall be created with a separate budget entry and all park receipts through special levies, bond issues or other sources shall be received by the city park department and all disbursements made from funds received by the department shall be made upon separate vouchers designated as park department vouchers. (Ord. 235 § 3, 1953).

2.40.020 City park – Established.

It is declared to be for the best interest of the city to establish a city park, and the same is established. (Ord. 93 § 1, 1941).

2.40.030 City park – Land designated.

The following described lands, situate within the incorporated limits of the city, have been and are selected and declared necessary for the purpose set out in SLMC 2.40.020: The south 155 feet of Lot One, and Lots Four, Five, Six and Seven, excepting the south 165 feet of said block; all in Block Six of L.H. Pruitt’s First Addition to the Plat of Salome, in Grant County, Washington. (Ord. 93 § 2, 1941).