Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Salaries of councilmen set by ordinance.

2.48.015    Compensation of councilmen.

2.48.020    Mayor and other officers.

*    For statutory provisions on compensation of municipal officers, see RCW 34.24.090.

2.48.010 Salaries of councilmen set by ordinance.

Each city councilmen may be paid for attending council meetings an amount which shall be fixed by ordinance and may be revised from time to time by ordinance, but any increase or reduction in the compensation attaching to an office shall not be applicable to the term then being served by the incumbent. (Ord. 537 § 1, 1978).

2.48.015 Compensation of councilmen.

The salary for the city council positions is established at $70.00 per month, commencing January 1, 1996; provided, that those positions which do not expire prior to that date shall have no increase in salary until the expiration of the current term. (Ord. 849 § 1, 1995; Ord. 677, 1985).

2.48.020 Mayor and other officers.

The mayor and other officers shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by the city council by resolution, which resolutions are incorporated in the ordinance codified in this chapter by reference hereto. (Ord. 537 § 2, 1978).