Chapter 3.28


3.28.010    Created – Purpose.

3.28.020    Amount of fund.

3.28.030    Expenditures – Confidentiality – Approval.

3.28.040    Source of moneys – Reimbursements – Account keeping.

3.28.010 Created – Purpose.

There is created and established a revolving criminal investigation fund to be used by the police chief and at his discretion for investigation of criminal-type activities within the city. (Ord. 439 § 1, 1972).

3.28.020 Amount of fund.

The revolving criminal investigation fund is established at $200.00 and shall be reimbursed and replenished from time to time in amounts not to exceed $200.00. (Ord. 732, 1989).

3.28.030 Expenditures – Confidentiality – Approval.

It is necessary that the expenditures from the revolving criminal investigation fund be kept confidential and to this end, when the reimbursement is necessary to replenish the fund, the police chief shall account for all expenditures to the city attorney, who will evaluate the expenditures to determine if they are proper, and after making this determination, the city attorney will approve the voucher to be submitted to the city council for reimbursement. (Ord. 439 § 3, 1972).

3.28.040 Source of moneys – Reimbursements – Account keeping.

The clerk-treasurer of the city is authorized to pay by check or warrant sufficient funds to establish the revolving criminal investigation fund and to reimburse and replenish the fund from time to time, and the clerk-treasurer is authorized to make any necessary entries in her books of account. (Ord. 439 § 4, 1972).