Chapter 3.80


3.80.010    Authority.

3.80.020    Issuance of checks and warrants.

3.80.030    Designation of qualified public depository.

3.80.010 Authority.

RCW 35A.40.020 provides that a code city may adopt a policy for the payment of claims or other obligations of that city, which are payable out of solvent funds, either by warrant or check. (Ord. 1001 § 1, 2004).

3.80.020 Issuance of checks and warrants.

Checks shall be issued to pay the claims and/or obligations of the city when the applicable fund is solvent; provided, that when the applicable fund is insolvent at the time payment is ordered, a warrant shall be issued. (Ord. 1001 § 1, 2004).

3.80.030 Designation of qualified public depository.

By a separate resolution the city council shall designate a qualified public depository whereon the checks are to be drawn and designating the officers authorized or required to sign the checks. (Ord. 1001 § 1, 2004).