Chapter 10.40


10.40.010    Definitions.

10.40.020    Requirements and restrictions.

10.40.030    Golf cart approval.

10.40.040    Violation and penalty for noncompliance.

10.40.010 Definitions.

The following definitions shall be used in this chapter. Where a word or term is undefined reference shall be to RCW Title 46.

“Golf cart” is defined as a gas-powered or electric-powered motorized vehicle with four wheels that is not designed to be operated at a speed of more than 25 miles per hour, whose purpose can include, but is not limited to, the playing of golf and as a means of ordinary transportation. A golf cart is generally designed to carry persons including the driver.

“Golf cart zone” means any public street within the city of Soap Lake having a speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less that contains signage identifying the golf cart zone, provided golf carts may cross all city streets (and State Highway 17) at intersections with designated crosswalks.

“Operator” means any person who is at least 16 years of age and has completed a driver’s education course or has previous experience driving as a licensed driver or has received approval from Grant County superior court or other court of competent jurisdiction to operate a golf cart on the city streets.

1. “Operator” does not include city personnel, or those persons authorized by the chief of police to operate golf carts on city streets.

“Sidewalk” shall be that area paved with concrete, asphalt or other similar material located within the right-of-way adjacent to a street intended for the public purpose of pedestrian or bicycle travel.

“Street” means the entire right-of-way width excluding the sidewalk and between the curb boundary lines and shoulder or swale of public property when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of pedestrian, bicycle or vehicular travel including parking. (Ord. 1269 § 1, 2018).

10.40.020 Requirements and restrictions.

The following use, operational requirements and restrictions are adopted by the city for golf carts:

A. Every person operating a golf cart as authorized under this chapter is granted all rights and is subject to all duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle under Chapter 46.61 RCW.

B. A golf cart may be operated on the street by persons:

1. At least 16 years of age who have completed a driver education course or have previous experience driving as a licensed driver; and

2. Who do not have a revoked license under RCW 46.20.285.

C. Operators of golf carts shall adhere to all rules of the road applicable to motorized vehicles as set forth in Chapter 46.61 RCW. In addition:

1. No person may operate a golf cart in the city unless the person is insured under a liability policy with liability limits of at least the amounts provided in RCW 46.29.090. Written proof of financial responsibility must be provided on the request of a law enforcement officer;

2. Any person operating a golf cart shall not transport more passengers than the manufacturer’s designed seating capacity;

3. All occupants shall be seated during the operation and use of seat belts shall be mandatory while the golf cart is operated;

4. No person shall operate a golf cart any time from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise; and

5. The golf cart shall be equipped with reflectors, seat belts and mirrors when operated in a golf cart zone.

D. The use of golf carts shall be prohibited on all city sidewalks and designated bicycle lanes that are within the golf cart zone.

E. Golf carts shall not be operated on a street in a negligent manner. For the purpose of this subsection, “to operate in a negligent manner” is defined as the operation of a golf cart in such a manner as to endanger any person or property, or to obstruct, hinder, or impede the lawful course of travel of any motor vehicle or the lawful use by any pedestrian of public streets, sidewalks, paths, trails, walkways, or parks.

F. The chief of police or a designee shall adopt applicable rules and regulations regarding the required safety equipment for golf carts. These regulations shall be available upon request.

Golf carts are exempt from vehicle licensing requirements. (Ord. 1269 § 1, 2018).

10.40.030 Golf cart approval.

Prior to operating a golf cart in the golf cart zone, the operator shall request an inspection by the police department within 14 days to establish that the golf cart is in compliance with SLMC 10.40.020(F). If the golf cart is in compliance with this chapter, the city shall issue written approval authorizing the operator to use the golf cart on city streets. The operator shall be charged a fee established by resolution payable upon approval of the inspection. No cart shall be operated on city streets without approval by the chief of police indicating compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 1269 § 1, 2018).

10.40.040 Violation and penalty for noncompliance.

A. Any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction.

B. Upon a determination that a violation of this chapter has occurred, law enforcement officers may, pursuant to Chapter 1.30 SLMC, issue a civil infraction with a fine not to exceed $250.00 to any included person, including parent or guardian, found in violation of the provisions of this chapter. If an underage operator is found to be using or operating a golf cart in violation of this chapter, such matter and infraction will be referred to Soap Lake municipal court. (Ord. 1269 § 1, 2018).