Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Standards for planting, maintenance and care – Generally.

12.20.020    Maintenance of trees.

12.20.030    Violations – Exceptions.

12.20.040    Maintenance assistance by city – Where – Additional planting.

12.20.050    Variances.

12.20.010 Standards for planting, maintenance and care – Generally.

The following standards are established for the planting, maintenance and care of trees on sidewalks in the city:

A. Cuts are to be no larger than 36 inches by 36 inches with the curbside no closer than seven inches to the curb;

B. Trees shall not be planted any closer than eight feet from any water line, meter box or sewer line;

C. The type of tree to be planted shall be a Golden Honey Locust. (Ord. 767, 1991).

12.20.020 Maintenance of trees.

Property owners must maintain the trees, including but not limited to, watering, trimming, disease and pest control. The trimming should be similar to all like trees to maintain the ambience of the area. (Ord. 767, 1991).

12.20.030 Violations – Exceptions.

It is a violation of this chapter to damage, destroy, or mutilate any tree on city sidewalks or any other public place, or to attach or place any rope or wire (other than one used to support a young or broken tree), sign, poster, handbill, or other thing to or on any tree growing in a public place. The only exception to this rule is the installation of small ornamental lights. Nothing contained in this section shall preclude the owner of real property from trimming or removing trees on the sidewalks. (Ord. 767, 1991).

12.20.040 Maintenance assistance by city – Where – Additional planting.

The city agrees to assist in the maintaining of sidewalk trees along Daisy, Main and Division where lots are vacant or there is no reasonable access to water as a public service, for the enhancement of the city. After July 1, 1991, any additional planting on the sidewalk will be only with the approval and direction of the city superintendent or his assign, and will be at the expense of the property owner, including but not limited to installation, watering, trimming, pest and disease control, and, if necessary, repair to a sidewalk if a tree is removed. Tree type and trimming shall meet the standards of this chapter. (Ord. 767, 1991).

12.20.050 Variances.

These standards may be varied by the council of the city. (Ord. 767, 1991).