Chapter 17.03


17.03.010    Title.

17.03.020    Purpose.

17.03.030    Scope.

17.03.010 Title.

This title shall be known as “the zoning ordinance” of the city. (Ord. 1105 § 1, 2009).

17.03.020 Purpose.

A. This title is adopted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, and general welfare of the city’s population, and to promote an orderly, balanced use of land, and to guide the city’s future growth through comprehensive, consistent and careful planning.

B. To most effectively accomplish these purposes, this title divides the city into zones wherein the location, height and use of buildings, the use of land, the size of yards and other open space, and the provision of advertising signs, off-street parking and loading are regulated and restricted in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the use of land in the city. These zones and regulations are made with due consideration of economics and financial resources, physical pattern of the lands, environment, cultural, and basic needs of the citizens of the city, and among other things, the particular character of each zone and its suitability for specific use, keeping foremost in mind the effect of noise, odor, dust, glare, and safety hazards affecting adjoining zones; also, remembering the reason and need for such uses, the common rights and interests of all within the zone as well as those of the general public, and with the view of encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the city. (Ord. 1105 § 1, 2009).

17.03.030 Scope.

A. Zoning regulations in this title apply to every building and use within the city. No building or structure shall be erected, reconstructed, enlarged, or relocated and no building, structure, or land shall be used in any zone except in compliance with the provisions of this title and then only after securing all required permits and licenses.

B. Any building, structure, or use lawfully existing at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title may be continued as provided in Chapter 17.69 SLMC.

C. All land or territory annexed to the city, unless otherwise classified by ordinance, shall immediately upon annexation be classified as being in the “AG” zone, and the zoning map shall be so amended without additional procedure.

D. Any use of property in any zone shall be subject to all city ordinances and regulations, including the abatement of nuisances. The fact that a use is listed as a permitted use in the various zone classifications is not deemed to authorize such use to the undue detriment of other properties because of the emission of smoke, dust, noise, vibration, fumes, odors, glare, or other objectionable factors or when it constitutes a hazard to health, morals, safety, or general welfare. (Ord. 1105 § 1, 2009).