Chapter 17.81


17.81.010    Amendments and zoning change procedures.

17.81.010 Amendments and zoning change procedures.

The regulations, classifications, or zone boundary lines may be amended by ordinance in the following manner:

A. The planning agency, upon receipt of an amendment or zone change request, or after a motion of its own shall investigate the merits of the request and may set a public hearing date at which time the request can be considered.

B. Following the hearing, the planning agency shall forward its recommendation and findings to the city council.

C. After receiving a recommendation from the planning agency and after a public hearing has been held before the council, the council may consider the request. If the council finds the amendment is in the public interest, benefits the public welfare of the community, and is consistent with the city general plan, it shall so amend this title. (Ord. 1105 § 1, 2009).