Chapter 1.05


1.05.010  Seal design.

1.05.020  Adoption.

1.05.030  Custodian.

1.05.010 Seal design.

The corporate seal of the City of Spokane Valley shall be circular in form, with inner and outer circles. The outer circle shall be approximately two inches in diameter. The inner circle shall be approximately one and one-quarter inches in diameter. It shall bear upon the upper portion between the two circles, the words "City of Spokane Valley" and upon the lower portion between the two circles, the word "Washington" and upon and across the center of the inner circle the words "Corporate Seal — Incorporated March 31, 2003." An impression of the above-described seal is shown here.

(Ord. 03-082 § 1, 2003).

1.05.020 Adoption.

The seal described in SVMC 1.05.010 is hereby adopted as the corporate seal of the City of Spokane Valley, Washington. (Ord. 03-082 § 2, 2003).

1.05.030 Custodian.

The city clerk (or designee) shall be the custodian of the seal and shall affix the seal's impression upon all documents, records, licenses, warrants and/or checks in accordance with generally applied practices of the City; however, its absence therefrom shall not impair the validity of the document or of any action taken in pursuance thereof or in reliance thereon. (Ord. 03-082 § 3, 2003).