Chapter 2.21


2.21.010    Position created.

2.21.020    Duties – Responsibilities.

2.21.010 Position created.

A. There is hereby designated and created the position of student representative to the city council of the city of Sultan. The student representative shall be a student at Sultan High School and serve as a liaison between the city and the high school on matters related to youth in the community.

B. Students wishing to serve shall make application through the high school principal. Appointment shall be by the mayor subject to the approval of the city council.

C. Alternatively, at the direction of the mayor, with concurrence by the city council, the student representative shall be an officer of the associated student body at Sultan High School or a class representative at Sultan High School. Such representatives shall serve on a rotating basis as approved by the principal of the high school. (Ord. 863-04 § 1)

2.21.020 Duties – Responsibilities.

A. The agenda for council meetings shall provide a regular opportunity under the heading of staff reports for comments from the student representative concerning activities and events at the high school.

B. The student representative will receive a copy of the agenda for each regular and special council meetings, except meetings solely devoted to an executive session. The student representative will receive a copy of all notices of public hearings deemed by the city administrator to be directly related to interests or activities of youth and students in the community. Should these disclose issues that directly impact and involve students or youth in the community, the student representative will be encouraged to participate at the meeting or hearing to the same extent and same fashion as members of the public.

C. The student representative shall not be seated at council table and shall not be allowed to cast an advisory vote on issues before the council.

D. The student representative shall be a participant in meetings of the city/school committee when invited. (Ord. 863-04 § 1)