Chapter 3.03


3.03.010    Payment methods for city obligations.

3.03.020    Authorization to set limits.

3.03.030    Costs.

3.03.010 Payment methods for city obligations.

The city is authorized to accept payments by credit card and debit card for payment of city imposed fees, fines, rates and charges. A payer desiring to pay by one of these methods may be required to bear the cost of processing the transaction in an amount to be determined by the finance department. Such determination shall be based on the actual cost incurred by the city including handling, collection, discount, disbursing and accounting for the transaction. (Ord. 846-04 § 1)

3.03.020 Authorization to set limits.

The clerk/treasurer or city administrator are authorized to approve the acceptance of credit cards or debit cards by a city department for the payment of city imposed fees, fines, rates and charges. No department shall accept credit or debit cards without such approval. The finance department is further authorized to establish appropriate internal control procedures and set any limitations concerning the acceptance of these alternative payment methods on participating departments. (Ord. 846-04 § 1)

3.03.030 Costs.

Each department authorized to use one of the alternative payment methods shall be responsible for the associated costs. The finance department will establish the accounting system to track associated costs with the use of the alternative payment methods and will charge the costs back to the accepting departments on a monthly basis. (Ord. 846-04 § 1)