Chapter 3.09


3.09.010    Establishment and purpose.

3.09.020    Funding sources.

3.09.030    Allowable expenditures.

3.09.040    Accumulated funds.

3.09.010 Establishment and purpose.

There is hereby created a cemetery trust fund which shall be used for the purpose of funding future maintenance of the Sultan Cemetery after the sale of all existing lots. (Ord. 1312-19)

3.09.020 Funding sources.

Funds are collected with the sale of each cemetery lot, ash lot or niche wall space. Funds may be collected from the sale of property owned by the cemetery should the city determine the property should be declared surplus. (Ord. 1312-19)

3.09.030 Allowable expenditures.

Expenditures from the fund shall be restricted to:

A. Future maintenance of the cemetery after all lots have been sold.

B. Capital improvements to the cemetery provided a majority of the council approve the expenditure. (Ord. 1312-19)

3.09.040 Accumulated funds.

Should this fund be discontinued any unexpended funds remaining in the fund shall be deposited into the cemetery operating fund. (Ord. 1312-19)