Chapter 3.34


3.34.010    Fund created.

3.34.020    Purpose – Expenditures.

3.34.030    Accumulated funds.

3.34.010 Fund created.

There is created a fund to be known as the community improvement fund. (Ord. 558, 1991)

3.34.020 Purpose – Expenditures.

This fund has been created for the purpose of accumulating funds for community improvement projects. Expenditures for said projects shall be approved by the city council prior to the commitment of any funds. (Ord. 558, 1991)

3.34.030 Accumulated funds.

Any unexpended funds remaining in the community improvement fund at the end of any budget year shall be carried over each year into the new budget and may be expended at such time as the council may direct by resolution. (Ord. 558, 1991)