Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    Establishment.

3.36.020    Allowable expenditures.

3.36.030    Reimbursement.

3.36.040    Recordkeeping.

3.36.010 Establishment.

There is created a petty cash fund in an amount of $200.00 that will exist as part of the total resources of the city.

There are created three cash receipt drawers for the purpose of receiving city funds that will exist as part of the total resources of the city. Each drawer shall contain $100.00 for the purpose of making change for cash transactions. (Ord. 962-07 § 1; Ord. 445 § 4, 1983; Ord. 371 § 1, 1978)

3.36.020 Allowable expenditures.

Payments are to be made from the petty cash fund for minimal expenditures in the form of cash and only for expenditures which are ordinary and necessary and allowed by law.

The cash drawers shall be used to make change for cash payments. No change shall be provided for payments made by check. (Ord. 962-07 § 1; Ord. 371 § 2, 1978)

3.36.030 Reimbursement.

A. All expenditures from the petty cash fund are to be supported by receipts for such expenditures and reimbursement of said petty cash fund will be by warrants issued against the applicable funds relative to the receipted expenditures in their exact respective amounts.

B. Reimbursement of the petty cash fund will take place when it is convenient for the finance department to do so and the reimbursement expenditures will receive the approval of the city council at the time the city council normally gives approval of other warrant expenditures. (Ord. 962-07 § 1; Ord. 371 § 3, 1978)

3.36.040 Recordkeeping.

Security and the required recordkeeping shall be the responsibility of the finance department. (Ord. 962-07 § 1; Ord. 371 § 4, 1978)