Chapter 3.70


3.70.010    Purpose.

3.70.015    Definitions.

3.70.020    Appropriations for municipal projects.

3.70.010 Purpose.

The city of Sultan has determined that it is a benefit to the community to provide increased access to public art and to enhance the visual aesthetics of the community. Public art provides a stimulating environment for the building/site users and fosters community pride and identity. In harmony with this, it is the policy of the city to provide for acquisition, commissioning and display of works of art in public places of the city. (Ord. 682-98)

3.70.015 Definitions.

A. “Public art” means capital acquisitions of works of art by the city of Sultan.

B. “Municipal construction project” means any capital project paid for wholly or in part by the city of Sultan to construct or remodel any building, park, parking facility, or portion thereof, within the limits of the city except for utilities, streets, or sidewalks.

C. “Total project cost” means the total amount of funds appropriated for the project per construction bid award or negotiated construction contract award; provided, that the following shall be excluded when calculating the total project costs:

1. The amount received from a source of funds for construction projects which precludes expenditures for works of art or cultural projects.

2. The amount of funding provided by:

a. Revenue bonds;

b. Community development block grants;

c. Other federal, state or local grants;

d. LID projects unless specifically authorized in the LID process.

3. Any subsequent change orders for the project.

4. Sales tax or any other tax on the construction bid amount or negotiated construction contract award. (Ord. 682-98)

3.70.020 Appropriations for municipal projects.

If required by the funding agency, authorization and/or appropriations for municipal construction projects shall include an amount equal to one percent of the total project cost for art enhancement, which shall be deposited into the community improvements fund for art purposes. That amount shall not be modified because of subsequent change orders. (Ord. 1026-09 § 1; Ord. 682-98)