Chapter 2.82


2.82.010    Lodging tax advisory committee.

2.82.020    Membership.

2.82.030    Duties.

2.82.040    Quorum.

2.82.050    Procedure.

2.82.060    Voting.

2.82.070    Compensation.

2.82.080    Removal.

2.82.010 Lodging tax advisory committee.

A lodging tax advisory committee (“LTAC”) is hereby declared to have been established and created by the city council on May 17, 2010. The purpose of the LTAC is to perform the functions of a lodging tax advisory committee under RCW 67.28.1817 and to be an ongoing advisory committee to the Sumner city council, with duties as described in this chapter or as directed by the city council, following procedures as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.020 Membership.

The LTAC shall be comprised of five voting members, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Sumner city council. Members of the LTAC are not required to be residents of the city of Sumner.

A. Voting members shall be as follows:

1. One member shall be an elected official of the city of Sumner, who shall serve as chair;

2. Two members shall be representatives of businesses required to collect tax under this chapter;

3. Two members shall be persons involved in activities authorized to be funded by revenue received under this chapter.

B. By statute, eligibility for appointment under subsection (A)(2) or (A)(3) of this section is mutually exclusive. The city council shall review the membership of the advisory committee annually and make changes as appropriate. (Ord. 2580 § 1, 2016: Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.030 Duties.

A. The LTAC will review and make recommendations to the city council regarding:

1. Proposals to increase the rate of the tax imposed under chapter 3.14 SMC;

2. Proposals to repeal an exemption from a tax imposed under chapter 3.14 SMC; or

3. Proposals to change the use of revenue received under chapter 3.14 SMC.

B. The LTAC should submit its comments on the proposal no more than 44 days after its receipt of the proposal through generally applicable public comment procedures. Comments from the LTAC shall include an analysis of the extent to which the proposal will accommodate activities for tourists or increase tourism, and the extent to which the proposal will affect the long-term stability of the lodging tax fund created under chapter 3.14 SMC. However, failure of the LTAC to submit comments shall not prevent the city from acting on the proposal once 45 days have elapsed since the proposal was submitted to the LTAC. The city is not required to submit an amended proposal to the LTAC. The lodging tax advisory committee will comply with all local, state, and federal statutes regarding the Open Public Meetings Act and the Public Disclosure Act. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.040 Quorum.

A quorum of the LTAC shall be a majority of persons currently serving as voting members of the LTAC. A quorum must be present in order for a vote to be taken on a recommendation to go to the city council. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.050 Procedure.

A. All business of LTAC shall be guided by “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

B. The chair shall propose an agenda for meetings, shall preside at all meetings, and shall vote on matters being voted on by LTAC. The chair shall be responsible for assuring that LTAC reports are presented to the city on time and shall select a member to record decisions of LTAC that establish policies or recommendations.

C. LTAC may select a vice-chair or a temporary chair to act in the absence of the chair.

D. LTAC may adopt a written policy of LTAC practices, not inconsistent with this chapter or other direction of city council. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.060 Voting.

Each voting member is entitled to one vote. All matters establishing policies, recommendations or decisions shall be decided by a majority vote of voting members present. Proxy votes are not allowed. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.070 Compensation.

The members of the LTAC shall receive no compensation and are not eligible for reimbursement of expenses incidental to service on the LTAC. LTAC may request specific support necessary to carry out its responsibilities by a request made, in advance, to the city administrator. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)

2.82.080 Removal.

A member of LTAC may be removed during their term by the city council only for sufficient cause. “Sufficient cause” means:

A. Absence for two consecutive meetings without prior excuse from the chair; or

B. Violation of the public trust or malfeasance. (Ord. 2325 § 1 (part), 2010)