Chapter 2.85


2.85.010    Creation.

2.85.020    Membership.

2.85.030    Powers.

2.85.040    Referendum.

2.85.050    Meetings to be open.

2.85.010 Creation.

There is hereby created a salary commission to perform the functions identified in RCW 35.21.015. (Ord. 2160 § 2, 2005)

2.85.020 Membership.

A. The salary commission shall have three members, who shall be appointed by the mayor, with approval of the council, for five-year terms.

B. No member may be appointed to more than two terms on the salary commission.

C. Members may be removed during their terms for cause of incapacity, incompetence, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office or for a disqualifying change of residence.

D. No officer, official, or employee of the city or any of their immediate family members may serve as a member of the salary commission. (Ord. 2160 § 3, 2005)

2.85.030 Powers.

A. The salary commission shall set the salaries for elected officials of the city. The commission shall convene and review the salaries of the city’s elected officials once every five years, or sooner where directed to do so by a majority vote of the city council.

B. Any change in salary shall be filed by the commission with the city clerk and shall become effective and incorporated into the city budget without further action of the city council or salary commission.

C. Salary increases established by the commission shall be effective as to incumbent city elected officials, regardless of their terms in office, subject to the provisions of SMC 2.85.040.

D. Salary decreases established by the commission shall become effective as to incumbent city elected officials at the commencement of their next subsequent terms of office.

E. Commission action fixing the salaries of elected officials of the city pursuant to this chapter shall supersede any provision of any other city ordinance related to such salaries. (Ord. 2160 § 4, 2005)

2.85.040 Referendum.

A. Salary increases and decreases shall be subject to referendum petition by the people of the city in the same manner as a city ordinance upon filing of such petition with the city clerk within 30 days after filing of the salary schedule. In the event of the filing of a valid referendum petition, the salary increase or decrease shall not go into effect until approved by a vote of the people.

B. Referendum measures under this section shall be submitted to the voters of the city at the next following general or municipal election occurring 30 days or more after the petition is filed and shall be otherwise governed by the provisions of the general laws applicable to referendum measures. (Ord. 2160 § 5, 2005)

2.85.050 Meetings to be open.

The proceedings and actions of the salary commission shall be undertaken in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act, chapter 42.30 RCW, as if the commission was a “governing body” as defined in that Act; provided, that notice of all meetings of the commission shall be issued pursuant to RCW 42.30.080, and the commission shall not meet in executive session. (Ord. 2160 § 6, 2005)