Chapter 2.88


2.88.010    Established.

2.88.015    Purpose.

2.88.020    Membership.

2.88.025    Rules and procedures.

2.88.030    Powers and duties.

2.88.010 Established.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.63.020, a planning commission is created and established. The planning commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to the city council. (Ord. 1442 § 1, 1989: Ord. 1080 § 1, 1978)

2.88.015 Purpose.

The purpose of the planning commission is to assist the city council in the implementation of the vision statement of the Sumner comprehensive plan by performing the duties established in SMC 2.88.030. (Ord. 1753 § 1, 1996)

2.88.020 Membership.

The city planning commission, created by SMC 2.88.010, shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. A majority of the sitting members shall be residents of the city of Sumner. Up to two members may be nonresidents who have a demonstrated interest in the city of Sumner. The members of the planning commission shall be selected without respect to political affiliations, and shall serve without compensation. The term of office shall be four years. Vacancies that occur, other than through the expiration of terms, shall be filled for the unexpired terms. Members may be removed for failing to comply with the commission’s bylaws after initial review and recommendation by the mayor, with final approval by the city council. (Ord. 2627 § 1, 2018: Ord. 2471 § 1, 2014: Ord. 2217 § 1, 2007: Ord. 1080 § 2, 1978)

2.88.025 Rules and procedures.

The planning commission shall adopt rules and procedures, in addition to the limitations and standards set forth by the city council and consistent therewith, for the conduct of its meetings and hearings. A copy of the adopted rules and procedures may be obtained from the city clerk. (Ord. 1753 § 2, 1996)

2.88.030 Powers and duties.

The city planning commission shall pursue such purposes and perform such duties as indicated below.

A. The planning commission shall maintain the comprehensive plan of the city by reviewing and determining if the city’s plans, goals, and policies are promoting orderly and coordinated development within the city. The planning commission shall consider applications for amendment of the plan in accordance with chapter 18.56 SMC.

B. The planning commission shall maintain the zoning ordinance of the city by reviewing and determining if the city’s regulations are promoting orderly and coordinated development with the city consistent with the Sumner comprehensive plan. The planning commission shall consider applications and proposals for legislative amendment of the zoning code in accordance with chapter 18.56 SMC.

C. The planning commission shall recommend and review other ordinances or studies regarding other development regulations, area plans, and strategies which implement the Sumner comprehensive plan.

D. The planning commission shall have such other duties and powers as conferred upon the commission by city ordinances or as directed by council resolution or motion, the performance of such duties and exercise of such authority to be subject to the limitations expressed in such enactments. The commission shall promptly report to the council thereon, making such recommendations and giving such council as it may deem proper.

E. The planning commission shall provide opportunities for public comment. The planning commission may hold public hearings, workshops or other forums in the exercise of its duties and responsibilities as it deems necessary and as required by city ordinance or state law.

F. In exercising its duties, the planning commission shall gather and review any relevant information, and evaluate alternative proposals. (Ord. 1753 § 3, 1996: Ord. 1442 § 2, 1989: Ord. 1080 § 3, 1978)