Chapter 2.90


2.90.010    Title.

2.90.020    Purpose.

2.90.030    Membership.

2.90.040    Terms of office.

2.90.050    Responsibilities.

2.90.060    Staff support.

2.90.010 Title.

There is created a citizens committee to be called the Sumner youth advisory commission. (Ord. 2094 § 1, 2004: Ord. 1647 § 1, 1994)

2.90.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the commission shall be to advise the city council, mayor, other city boards and commissions, and city staff on matters affecting the young people of this community. The commission shall have the following functions and duties:

A. Establishment of a forum for meaningful open communications amongst young people;

B. Establishment of a direct communications link between the young people of the city and the city council;

C. Encouragement of full and active participation in government by the young people of this community. (Ord. 2094 § 2, 2004: Ord. 1647 § 2, 1994)

2.90.030 Membership.

The Sumner youth advisory commission shall be composed of nine voting members, all of whom shall be residents of the city of Sumner, except one who may be a nonresident of the city of Sumner residing in the Sumner School District. Voting members must be between and including the ages of 12 to 18 at the time of appointment. Members shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council and shall serve without compensation. Adult advisors may be appointed to serve with the commission as ex-officio members in a nonvoting capacity. (Ord. 2094 § 3, 2004: Ord. 1647 § 3, 1994)

2.90.040 Terms of office.

Members shall serve one-year terms. In the event of a vacancy of any voting member position, the mayor shall appoint a successor for the unexpired portion of the term with confirmation by the city council. A member may be removed by the mayor, subject to approval by the city council, for neglect of duty. (Ord. 2094 § 4, 2004: Ord. 1647 § 4, 1994)

2.90.050 Responsibilities.

The commission shall meet at least once each month and shall be responsible to carry out the purposes of this chapter. The commission shall establish its meeting rules and procedures. (Ord. 2094 § 5, 2004: Ord. 1647 § 5, 1994)

2.90.060 Staff support.

The city administrator shall appoint staff to assist the commission in the preparation of its reports and records as necessary for operation of the commission. (Ord. 2094 § 6, 2004)