Chapter 2.96


2.96.010    System adopted.

2.96.020    Commission.

2.96.030    State law adopted.

2.96.010 System adopted.

The civil service system set forth in chapter 41.12 RCW is adopted for the police department, and all employees therein and all appointments, advancements, demotions, removals, suspensions, discharges or control thereof and of the members thereof shall be governed by the civil service rules. (Ord. 431 § 1, 1937. Prior code § 1.16.010)

2.96.020 Commission.

There is created, for the administration of such civil service for the police department, a civil service commission composed of three members, who shall be appointed by the mayor of the city. The term of office of such civil service commission shall be four years. In the event any civil service commissioner shall resign, become disqualified or be removed for cause, another commissioner shall be appointed to take his place for the unexpired portion of the term. (Ord. 2475 § 1, 2014: Ord. 431 § 2, 1937. Prior code § 1.16.020)

2.96.030 State law adopted.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to Chapter 13, of the Session Laws of 1937 of the state of Washington and all of the provisions of that chapter are by reference incorporated in and made a part of this chapter. (Ord. 431 § 3, 1937. Prior code § 1.16.030)