Title 9


9.04    Penal Code

9.06    False Alarms

9.08    Interference with Firefighting

9.10    Intrusion Alarms

9.12    Domestic Violence

9.16    Drugs

9.20    Drug Paraphernalia

9.24    Repealed

9.28    Repealed

9.32    Disorderly Conduct

9.34    Lewd Acts and Conduct

9.36    Repealed

9.40    School Property and Personnel

9.44    Disposal of Forfeited Firearms

9.45    Regulation of Solicitation

9.46    Unlawful Race Attendance

9.47    Stay Out of Areas of Racing – SOAR

9.48    Solicitation of Occupants of Vehicles on Public Roadways Prohibited

9.50    Chronic Nuisance Properties

9.52    Regulation of Camping


For provisions granting a code city all powers of any city of any class, see RCW 35A.21.160; for statutory provisions on the Washington Criminal Code, see Title 9A RCW; for provisions on crimes and punishments, see Title 9 RCW; for provisions on liquor, see Title 66 RCW; for provisions on police power, see RCW 35A.11.020.