Chapter 12.12


12.12.010    Designation of streets and avenues.

12.12.020    Names as indicated on plats.

12.12.030    Street name changes.

12.12.040    Street renaming procedure.

12.12.010 Designation of streets and avenues.

All streets extending north and south in the city shall be designated as avenues, and all streets extending east and west be and the same shall be designated as streets. (Ord. 332 § 1, 1925. Prior code § 8.12.010)

12.12.020 Names as indicated on plats.

The names of all streets and avenues in the city shall be as designated on the several plats and additions to the city, except College Street which shall, after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, be known as Park Street. (Ord. 332 § 2, 1925. Prior code § 8.12.020)

12.12.030 Street name changes.

Narrow Street shall be and remain Narrow Street. Traffic Street shall become Traffic Avenue and Railroad Street shall be and remain Railroad Street. (Ord. 1342 § 1, 1986: Ord. 332 § 3, 1925. Prior code § 8.12.030)

12.12.040 Street renaming procedure.

A. The renaming of city streets shall be in accordance with the procedures and criteria set forth below. Once adopted, name changes should occur on an exceptional basis only.

B. The following criteria may be considered in renaming a city street:

1. Neighborhood or geographical identification;

2. Natural or geological features;

3. Historical or cultural significance;

4. The impact of the change on existing businesses and residences;

5. The impact of the change on emergency vehicle responsiveness;

6. The articulated preference of residents of the neighborhood surrounding the city street, provided the petition for a renaming shall contain no less than a majority of the persons having ownership in properties addressed on the street to be renamed.

C. The following procedures shall be followed for renaming city streets.

1. If the city council determines that a city street should be renamed, the city shall solicit suggestions for names from council, staff and/or the public.

2. If no less than a majority of the persons having ownership in properties addressed on the street to be renamed sign and file a petition with the city clerk, the city shall give considerable weight to the majority’s recommended name change, but shall not be bound by such a recommendation.

3. Following a review of recommended name changes, a street shall be re-named by the adoption of a resolution of the city council.

4. Notice of proposed name changes shall be mailed, or otherwise delivered by a method that ensures prior notice to all property owners whose addresses would be changed, at least 20 days prior to council action. (Ord. 2689 § 1, 2019)