Chapter 15.74


15.74.010    Permit – Time limitations.

15.74.020    Permit – Renewal fees.

15.74.010 Permit – Time limitations.

Site development permits shall be valid for a period of six months, but the same may be extended at the reasonable discretion of the city engineer or his designee, without charge, for a period of six months upon application thereof prior to the expiration of the time originally limited in the permit. Only one six-month extension will be allowed. (Ord. 2357 § 3 (part), 2011)

15.74.020 Permit – Renewal fees.

In case the work is not done or completed within the time specified in any permit and no extension of time has been granted, a renewal of the permit shall be taken out for which a renewal fee shall be charged. The renewal fee shall be the same as the base permit fee established in pertinent SMC titles plus city staff time to verify that the requirements of the original permit meet present day standards.

If city staff find that the original permit requirements are not in conformance with present day standards and/or codes, the public works department reserves the right to render the original permit null and void. The permittee shall be required to re-initiate the permit process upon annulment of the original permit. (Ord. 2357 § 3 (part), 2011)