Chapter 1.13


1.13.010    Official flag established.

1.13.020    Display of the City flag.

1.13.010 Official flag established.

The official flag of the City of Sunnyside shall be a banner of light blue on the top fading to dark blue on the bottom. The flag shall have a circular image in its center depicting Sunnyside’s agricultural diversity. The image shall be that which was created by artist Kathleen Rogers in 2015. The words “City of Sunnyside Washington EST. 1902” shall be inscribed around the circumference of image. [Ord. 2016-11 § 1, 2016.]

1.13.020 Display of the City flag.

The City flag shall be displayed at all City of Sunnyside offices. The flag may be displayed on special occasions as deemed appropriate by the City Manager or City Council. [Ord. 2016-11 § 1, 2016.]