Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Chief of Police – Duties.

2.20.015    Criminal background checks – Police authority.

2.20.020    Composition of police force.

2.20.030    Repealed.

2.20.040    Additional enforcement duties.

2.20.050    Compensation.

2.20.060    Repealed.

2.20.065    Civil Service for City police.

2.20.066    Qualifications of Police Chief.

2.20.070    Repealed.

2.20.080    Repealed.

2.20.010 Chief of Police – Duties.

The Police Department, as an administrative department of the City, shall be under a director who shall be known as the Chief of Police, whose duties shall include the following:

A. Prevent crime;

B. Enforce all traffic ordinances and regulations;

C. Enforce all criminal laws and ordinances;

D. Detect and apprehend offenders and suspected persons;

E. Preserve peace and order in the City;

F. Protect persons and property;

G. Maintain proper records of crimes and criminals and matters relating thereto;

H. Maintain a youth guidance and counseling service within the department;

I. Maintain an adequate service training program;

J. Perform such other duties as the City Manager shall direct;

K. Have control of the assignment of all members of the force and the direction of all police work in the City, subject to the approval of the City Manager. [1956 Code § 1-1601.]

2.20.015 Criminal background checks – Police authority.

A. Law enforcement officers of the City of Sunnyside, including commissioned police officers and commissioned reserve officers, may conduct criminal background checks on a person stopped for committing a traffic or nontraffic infraction under the Sunnyside Municipal Code or the Revised Code of Washington, as now or hereafter amended, to determine whether the person stopped is a wanted person.

B. All such criminal background checks, as referenced in subsection (A) of this section shall be done at the scene of the infraction stop whenever practicable, and all criminal background checks shall be done in such a manner as to not cause undue delay in the detention of the person stopped. [Ord. 1945 § 1, 1997)

2.20.020 Composition of police force.

The police force of the City shall consist of a Chief of Police and the police officers within the following ranks, together with such other officers as the City Council may from time to time by ordinance or resolution determine:

A. Captain;

B. Lieutenant;

C. Sergeant;

D. Patrolman I;

E. Patrolman II;

F. Patrolman III;

G. Patrolman IV (entry);

H. Policewoman (Matron Clerk). [1956 Code § 1-1602.]

2.20.030 Appointments and tenure.

Repealed by Ord. 2014-1. [Ord. 1817 § 1, 1993; 1956 Code § 1-1602.]

2.20.040 Additional enforcement duties.

In addition to the duties prescribed by ordinance to be performed by the police officers of the City, it shall be their duty to assist the Fire Department and Building Inspector in the enforcement of all ordinances, rules and regulations relating to fires and protection of buildings and building construction, and to report to each of said officers and departments, respectively, any violation thereof. [1956 Code § 1-1604.]

2.20.050 Compensation.

The Chief of Police and members of the Police Department shall receive compensation as the City Council may from time to time by ordinance determine. [1956 Code § 1-1604.]

2.20.060 Civil Service system adopted.

Repealed by Ord. 2014-1. [Ord. 2012 § 1, 2000; 1956 Code § 3-101.]

2.20.065 Civil Service for City police.

A. The system commonly known as “Civil Service” as authorized in Chapter 41.12 RCW is provided by the City for full-paid police officers within the City of Sunnyside Police Department, excluding the position of Police Chief.

B. There is created for the administration of the Civil Service for the City Police Department a Civil Service Commission composed of three members. The members of the Civil Service Commission shall be appointed by the City Manager. The term of each Civil Service Commissioner shall be for six years and shall serve without pay. In the event any Civil Service Commissioner resigns, becomes disqualified, or is removed for cause, another Commissioner shall be appointed to serve the unexpired portion of the term. [Ord. 2014-1 § 2, 2014.]

2.20.066 Qualifications of Police Chief.

The qualifications of the position of Police Chief shall be as determined from time to time by the City Manager, in accordance with applicable statutory requirements. [Ord. 2014-1 § 3, 2014.]

2.20.070 Police Department Civil Service Commission.

Repealed by Ord. 2014-1. [1956 Code § 3-101.]

2.20.080 Provisions adopted by reference.

Repealed by Ord. 2014-1. [1956 Code § 3-101.]