Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Adopted.

2.32.020    Pension Board – Created – Membership.

2.32.030    Pension fund – Created – Sources.

2.32.040    Provisions adopted by reference.

2.32.010 Adopted.

In accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 91 of the Washington State Session Laws of 1947, as amended, there is adopted a firemen’s relief and pension system for the Fire Department of the City as the same is known and defined by said Chapter 91. (Chapter 41.16 RCW.) [1956 Code § 3-301, § 1.]

2.32.020 Pension Board – Created – Membership.

There is created for the administration of the system for the Fire Department, a Firemen’s Pension Board to consist of the Mayor, who shall be an ex-officio member and the Chairman of the Board; the City Clerk/Treasurer; the City Manager; and, in addition, two regularly employed firemen elected by secret ballot by the firemen of the City. The first members to be elected by the firemen shall be for a term of one and two years respectively, and their successors shall be elected annually for a term of two years. [1956 Code § 3-301, § 2.]

2.32.030 Pension fund – Created – Sources.

There is created and established a special fund which shall be known and designated as the Firemen’s Pension Fund, which shall consist of the following:

A. All bequests, fees, gifts, emoluments or donations given or paid thereto;

B. All monies received therefor from the State from taxes on fire insurance premiums as required by law;

C. Taxes paid pursuant to the provisions of Section 6 of Chapter 91 of the Session Laws of the State of Washington, as amended;

D. Interest on the investments of the fund; and

E. Contributions by firemen as provided in this chapter. [1956 Code § 3-301, § 3.]

2.32.040 Provisions adopted by reference.

All of the provisions of Section 1 through 10 and 13 of Chapter 91 of the 1947 Session Laws of the State of Washington, as amended, or as they hereafter may be amended, and on file with the office of the City Clerk, are adopted by the City and by reference made a part of this chapter. Sections as therein numbered constitute the numbers and may be referred to as the subsections of this section. [1956 Code § 3-301, § 4.]