Chapter 3.50


3.50.010    Charges – Insufficient funds and other returned checks.

3.50.010 Charges – Insufficient funds and other returned checks.

A charge of $20.00 shall be assessed against any person who has made a payment to the City by check for any fee or charge when such check is returned by the bank against whom it has been drawn due to insufficient funds on account, closure of the account or any other reason resulting in the nonpayment of the check. The $20.00 fee shall be paid prior to the application to any payment against the fee or charge initially assessed. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to limit or prohibit the City from collecting reasonable attorney’s fees or other collection costs in the event that it is forced to collect the account through a judicial remedy, nor to prohibit the City Manager, or his designee, from waiving such a charge for persons qualifying as low-income citizens under the provisions of SMC 13.20.120. [Ord. 2141 § 1, 2006.]