Chapter 5.12


5.12.010    Exercise of power.

5.12.020    Definitions.

5.12.030    License – Required.

5.12.040    License – Application – Issuance – Display – Term.

5.12.050    License – Fee.

5.12.060    Enforcement and reports.

5.12.010 Exercise of power.

This chapter and the enforcement hereof is deemed expedient to maintain the peace, good government and welfare of the City, and as a necessary and proper local police regulation and as an exercise of the power of the City to license for revenue. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, § 1.]

5.12.020 Definitions.

The words set forth in this section, whenever used in this chapter, shall be held and construed to mean as follows:

A. “Amusement device” means a game or machine which is operated by means of insertion of a coin, token or similar object, and is for amusement or entertainment, such as pool tables, dart games, pinball machines, shuffleboard, and similar devices.

B. “Juke box” means a machine which will provide music upon the insertion of a coin.

C. “Video machine” means a device which will provide music videos for entertainment. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, § 2.]

5.12.030 License – Required.

It is unlawful to permit to be operated or used, or to possess with the intent that the same may be operated or used, or to keep in any place of business where people gather, within the corporate limits of the City, any amusement device without having a valid license issued under the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, § 4.]

5.12.040 License – Application – Issuance – Display – Term.

A. It is the responsibility of the business to make application for a license by providing the City Clerk with a list of amusement devices which will be located in its establishment.

B. The City Clerk shall issue a license listing the amusement devices that are covered.

C. The license shall be displayed on a business premises in a location accessible to the public.

D. The term of the license shall be for the calendar year and shall be renewable on January 1st of each year. All fractional portions of the calendar year shall be considered as a full calendar year for the purposes of this section. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, § 5.]

5.12.050 License – Fee.

The license fee for amusement devices, juke boxes and video machines shall be $10.00, per device per year, or fraction thereof.

If one such device is replaced by another, the replacement device shall not be considered as an additional device. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, §§ 6 and 8.]

5.12.060 Enforcement and reports.

The Police Department shall be charged with enforcement of this chapter, and shall make periodic checks of establishments with amusement devices and shall provide the City Clerk with a list of amusement devices not currently licensed. [Ord. 1575 § 1, 1986; 1956 Code § 5-801, § 7.]