Chapter 5.34


5.34.010    Definitions.

5.34.020    Business license – Required – Fees.

5.34.030    Business license – Conditions.

5.34.010 Definitions.

As used and defined under this chapter:

A. “Family child care home” means a facility in the family residence of the licensee providing regularly scheduled care for 12 or fewer children, within a birth through 11 years-of-age range, exclusively, for periods less than 24 hours.

B. “Family child day care home” means the same as “family child care home” and “a child day care facility” licensed by the State, located in the family abode of the person or persons under whose direct care and supervision the child is placed, for the care of 12 or fewer children, including children who reside at home.

C. “Family residence” means a single dwelling unit and accessory buildings occupied for living purposes by a family which provides permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.

D. “License” means a permit issued by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services authorizing by law the licensee to operate a family child care home and certifying the licensee meets minimum requirements under licensure, pursuant to Chapter 74.15 RCW, WAC Title 388, and Chapter 388-155 WAC.

E. “Business license” means a business license issued by the City of Sunnyside authorizing by law the licensee to operate a family child care home. [Ord. 1859 § 1, 1994.]

5.34.020 Business license – Required – Fees.

It is unlawful for any person to operate a family child day care home within the City of Sunnyside without first obtaining a business license. Each applicant for a business license shall complete an application on a form provided by the City showing the name of the applicant, the street address and location of the business, the proposed hours of operation, and the number of children to be provided child day care services at that location. Each application must be accompanied by a copy of the current family child day care home license issued by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. A copy of such permit and license shall be attached to each application. Issuance of a business license is subject to the further conditions stated in this chapter.

The fee for said business license shall be $50.00 per year. Such license shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of the year in which it is issued, and no fractional license shall be granted and no license shall be transferred from one person to another person or from one business location to another business location. A separate business license is required for each separate family child care home. [Ord. 1859 § 1, 1994.]

5.34.030 Business license – Conditions.

As a condition of any and all business licenses issued by the City, it shall be a requirement that the operator of the business comply with any and all applicable State and local licensing requirements, including but not limited to:

A. The business and licensee shall comply with all building, fire, safety, health code and business licensing requirements;

B. The family day care home facility shall conform to lot size, building size, setbacks and lot coverage standards applicable to the zoning district, except if the structure is a legal nonconforming structure;

C. The licensee and/or facility is certified by the State Department of Licensing as providing a safe passenger loading area;

D. All signage shall comply with the requirements of the definition of “Home occupation” under SMC 17.04.030; and

E. The hours of operation shall be limited to any 12 consecutive hours per day in any residential zone. [Ord. 1859 § 1, 1994.]