Chapter 9.02


9.02.010    Conviction – Judgment for fine and costs.

9.02.020    Intentional failure to comply.

9.02.030    Payment of costs of prosecution.

9.02.040    Statute of limitations.

9.02.010 Conviction – Judgment for fine and costs.

Upon a judgment for fine and costs rendered on a conviction, execution may be issued against the property of a defendant and returned in the same manner as in civil actions. [Ord. 1519 § 1(3), 1985; Ord. 1235 § 1(2), 1979.]

9.02.020 Intentional failure to comply.

A court may, in its discretion, treat any intentional failure to comply with a court order in respect to fines or costs or both, upon conviction, as civil contempt. [Ord. 1519 § 1(3), 1985; Ord. 1235 § 1(3), 1979.]

9.02.030 Payment of costs of prosecution.

Whenever anyone is convicted of any offense in the City, in addition to the fine imposed, he must pay the costs of prosecution. Costs of prosecution shall include any or all of the following: cost of docket, cost of issuing warrant, cost for mileage and processing the warrant, a fee for a personal recognizance bond, and costs for witness fees. [Ord. 1519 § 1(3), 1985; Ord. 1235 § 1(4), 1979.]

9.02.040 Statute of limitations.

Prosecutions for offenses defined in this title may be commenced at any time within one year after their commission; provided, that any length of time during which the party charged was not usually and publicly resident within the State shall not be reckoned within the one-year period. [Ord. 1519 § 1(3), 1985; Ord. 1235 § 1(5), 1979.]