Chapter 9.08


9.08.020    Animals taken or withheld – Dognapping.

9.08.030    Killing or butchering domestic animals in public view – Prohibited.

9.08.900    Statutes adopted by reference.

9.08.020 Animals taken or withheld – Dognapping.

Any person who, with intent to deprive or defraud the owner thereof, does any of the following, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor:

A. Takes, leads away, confines, secretes or converts any dog or other animal; or

B. Conceals the identity of any dog or other animal or its owner by obscuring or removing from the dog or other animal any collar, tag, license, tattoo or other identification device or mark; or

C. Willfully kills or injures any dog or other animal, unless excused by law. [Ord. 1519 § 1, 1985; Ord. 1235 § 3, 1979: RCW 9.08.060.]

9.08.030 Killing or butchering domestic animals in public view – Prohibited.

No person shall kill and/or butcher any domestic animal or fowl in open public view within the City limits. [Ord. 1574 § 1, 1986.]

9.08.900 Statutes adopted by reference.

The following statutes are incorporated in this chapter by reference:


9.08.010    Allowing Vicious Animals at Large

16.52.010    Definitions – Construction

16.52.065    Wanton Cruelty to Fowls

16.52.070    Certain Acts as Cruelty

16.52.080    Transporting or Confining in Unsafe Manner

16.52.090    Docking Horses – Misdemeanor

16.52.095    Cutting Ears – Misdemeanor

16.52.100    Confining Without Food and Water

16.52.110    Old or Diseased Animals at Large

16.52.113    Causing Animals to Fight – Injuring Animals – Presence at Event

16.52.117    Dog Fighting – Owners, Trainers, Spectators – Exceptions

16.52.120    Cockfighting

16.52.130    Training Birds to Fight – Attending Exhibitions

16.52.193    Poisoning Animals – Strychnine Sales – Records – Report on Suspected Purchases

[Ord. 1519 § 1, 1985.]