Chapter 9.26


9.26.900    Statutes incorporated by reference.

9.26.900 Statutes incorporated by reference.

The following statutes are incorporated in this chapter by reference:


66.44.040    Sufficiency of Description of Offenses in Complaints, Informations and Process

66.44.050    Description of Offense in Words of Statutes – Proof Required

66.44.060    Proof of Unlawful Sale Establishes Prima Facie Intent

66.44.070    Certified Analysis is Prima Facie Evidence of Alcoholic Content

66.44.080    Service of Process on Corporation

66.44.090    Acting Without License

66.44.100    Opening or Consuming Liquor in Public Place

66.44.130    Sales of Liquor by Drink or Bottle

66.44.140    Unlawful Sale, Transportation of Spirituous Liquor Without Stamp or Seal – Unlawful Operation, Possession of Still or Mash

66.44.150    Buying Liquor Illegally

66.44.160    Illegal Possession or Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages

66.44.170    Illegal Possession of Liquor With Intent to Sale – Prima Facie Evidence

66.44.200    Sales to Persons Apparently Under the Influence of Liquor

66.44.210    Obtaining Liquor for Ineligible Person

66.44.240    Drinking in Public Conveyance – Penalty Against Carrier – Exception

66.44.250    Drinking in Public Conveyance – Penalty Against Individual – Restricted Application

66.44.265    Candidates Giving or Purchasing Liquor on Election Day – Prohibited

66.44.270    Furnishing Liquor to Minors – Possession and Use by Minors

66.44.290    Minor Purchasing or Attempting to Purchase Liquor

66.44.291    Minor Purchasing or Attempting to Purchase Liquor – Penalty Against Persons Between Age of Eighteen and Twenty, Inclusive

66.44.300    Treating Minors, Etc., in Public Place Where Liquor Sold

66.44.310    Minors Frequenting Taverns or Cocktail Lounges – Misrepresentation of Age – Classification of Licensees

66.44.316    Musicians, Disc Jockeys, Sound or Lighting Technicians, Eighteen Years and Over Permitted to Enter and Remain upon Licensed Premises During Employment

66.44.320    Sales of Liquor to Minors a Violation

66.44.325    Unlawful Transfer to a Minor of an Identification of Age

66.44.340    Employees Eighteen Years and Over Allowed to Sell and Carry Beer and Wine for Class E and/or Class F Employers

66.44.350    Employees Eighteen Years and Over Allowed to Serve and Carry Liquor, Clean Up, Etc., for Class A, C, D, and/or H Licensed Employers

[Ord. 1759 § 1, 1991; Ord. 1519 § 1, 1985.]