Chapter 9.60


9.60.010    Disorderly conduct.

9.60.020    Crime Prevention Fund contribution required.

9.60.900    Statutes incorporated by reference.

9.60.010 Disorderly conduct.

A. A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if he or she:

1. Fights, quarrels or encourages others to fight in any public place within the City;

2. By noisy, riotous or tumultuous conduct, disturbs the peace and quiet of the City or any meeting or assemblage therein;

3. Willfully annoys, molests, bothers, insults, or offers an affront to another person;

4. Uses abusive language and thereby intentionally creates the risk of assault;

5. Willfully breaks, impairs, injures or defaces any building, fence, awning, window, sign, signboard, tree, shrub or other thing of value being the property of another;

6. Intentionally obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic without lawful authority;

7. Removes, interferes with, carries away or destroys the property of another, or who tears down, destroys or mutilates any notice or handbill lawfully posted in the City;

8. Intentionally disrupts any lawful assembly or meeting of persons without lawful authority;

9. Looks into the windows of the residence of another without a lawful right to do so; or

10. Urinates or defecates in any place open to public view.

B. A violation of this section is a misdemeanor and may be punished by a fine not to exceed $1,000 and/or jail confinement of not more than 90 days. [Ord. 2017-9 § 1, 2017; Ord. 2012-22 § 1, 2012; Ord. 1519 § 1, 1985; Ord. 1450 § 1, 1984; Ord. 1330 § 1, 1981; Ord. 1235 § 3, 1979: RCW 9A.84.030.]

9.60.020 Crime Prevention Fund contribution required.

In any case where an accused has been convicted of the below-listed offenses, there shall be in addition to any fine levied a penalty in the amount of $150.00, per case, which shall be nonsuspendable and which shall be paid to the Police Department Crime Prevention Fund. The fact that this penalty is imposed on each case shall not in any way reduce the obligation of the accused to pay the fine prescribed by the court:


9.60.010    Disorderly Conduct


9A.84.040    False Reporting

[Ord. 1826 § 3, 1993; Ord. 1592 § 3, 1987.]

9.60.900 Statutes incorporated by reference.

The following statute is incorporated in this chapter by reference:


9A.84.040    False Reporting

[Ord. 1519 § 1, 1985.]