Chapter 12.36


12.36.010    Creation – Authority.

12.36.020    Criteria for granting application.

12.36.030    Input from surrounding businesses.

12.36.010 Creation – Authority.

The Police Chief of the City has the authority to create loading zones on the streets of the City. [Ord. 1401 § 1, 1983.]

12.36.020 Criteria for granting application.

Upon application from a businessman, the Police Chief shall review the application with the following criteria in mind:

A. The location of other loading zones in the same block;

B. The length or duration of the time permitted for loading and unloading;

C. The space needed for the loading zone, which should be no more than is absolutely needed and not to cause a diminution of parking spaces available for other businessmen. [Ord. 1401 § 2, 1983.]

12.36.030 Input from surrounding businesses.

Prior to granting a loading space to a business, the other businesses on either side of the business requesting the loading zone shall be contacted for input into the application. [Ord. 1401 § 3, 1983.]