Chapter 12.42


12.42.010    Permits.

12.42.020    Maintenance.

12.42.030    Appeals.

12.42.040    Violation.

12.42.010 Permits.

Before any private person, company or other entity places any bicycle racks on any City right-of-way, a permit shall be obtained from the Police Chief. Prior to the issuance of any such permit, the Police Chief and the Public Works Director shall approve the bicycle rack and the proposed location for the same. Permits shall be granted or denied based upon considerations such as size, design, location, safety, aesthetics, and any other factors affecting the use of the City’s right-of-way. The Police Chief and the Public Works Director shall, further, determine the maximum length of time for which the permit shall be given and any other conditions or requirements upon which the permit shall be given. There shall be no fee for the permit. It is provided, however, that no bicycle rack shall be located on any traveled portion or on any vehicle parking area of any roadway or alley in the City. [Ord. 1556, 1986.]

12.42.020 Maintenance.

It shall be the responsibility of the recipient of such permit, or the owner or occupant of the premises upon which a bicycle rack is located, to maintain the bicycle rack in a proper state of repair and to keep the premises of its location in a neat and tidy condition. [Ord. 1556, 1986.]

12.42.030 Appeals.

Appeals from the decision of the Police Chief and/or Public Works Director with respect to the denial, suspension or termination of such permits, shall be appealable to the City Council; provided, however, that notice of appeal shall be filed with the City Council within 20 days of the date of the decision from which appeal is sought. [Ord. 1556, 1986.]

12.42.040 Violation.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place a bicycle rack on any City right-of-way without having first obtained a permit for the same. It shall further be unlawful for the recipient of such permit to locate, maintain or utilize a bicycle rack permit on the City right-of-way in violation of the conditions or requirements of the permit. If a bicycle rack is located or maintained on a City right-of-way in violation of the provisions of this chapter or in violation of the requirements or conditions of a permit, in addition to the other remedies available to the City for the enforcement of City ordinances, the City shall be authorized to cause such bicycle rack to be removed from the City right-of-way, with the costs of such removal to be paid by the owner/occupant of said premises or by the recipient of a permit. [Ord. 1556, 1986.]