Chapter 14.14


14.14.010    Smoking regulations.

14.14.020    Combustible material storage and use.

14.14.030    Disposal of waste.

14.14.010 Smoking regulations.

Smoking is not permitted within 50 feet of aircraft being fueled or defueled. No smoking is permitted within 50 feet of any fuel carrier vehicle or designated buildings where fuel or combustible material is stored. Smoking is not permitted inside City-owned structures. Smoking is not permitted in any area where “NO SMOKING” signs are posted. Smoking materials are to be discarded in ash trays or receptacles. Persons discarding lighted smoking materials on airport property are subject to a fine in accordance with City ordinances. [Ord. 2016-14 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016.]

14.14.020 Combustible material storage and use.

A. Storage in Hangars or Buildings. No gasoline, paints, cleaning fluid, or flammable materials may be stored in any building on the airport grounds, other than buildings so designated for this purpose by the Airport Manager. Such designated buildings are to meet safety standards as required by the Airport Manager and City Fire Marshal. Lubricating oil kept in hangars must be in sealed cans.

B. Cleaning of Floors. The use of volatile flammable liquids is not permitted for the cleaning of floors of hangars or other buildings on the airport grounds.

C. Painting Requirements. Painting of aircraft and doping processes shall be conducted only in buildings approved by the Airport Manager that comply with fire codes and field regulations.

D. Cleaning of Aircraft. Cleaning of aircraft or accessories with flammable or volatile materials is prohibited in hangars and buildings not specifically designated or designed for this purpose. [Ord. 2016-14 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016.]

14.14.030 Disposal of waste.

A. Rags, Trash, and Rubbish. Hangars and airport buildings shall be cleaned daily of rags, waste material, trash, and rubbish. Tenants shall provide suitable metal receptacles with covers for the above items. These receptacles shall be stored away from sources of heat.

B. Petroleum Products. No petroleum products shall be dumped or allowed to spill on any airport property, including ditches, sewers, or paved or unpaved surfaces. Adequate and authorized containers shall be used for collecting petroleum waste products. In the event of violation, the City may charge the cost of correcting such dumping or spillage to the offender. [Ord. 2016-14 § 1 (Exh. A), 2016.]